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Nirvana - MTV Unplugged in New York
one of the most iconic live performances that music has to offer, i do not get the backstory behind this and how it all went down - but i can totally see this being one of the most important moments in music history as they had performed a lot of classic songs and Kurt’s voice actuallt sounds really raspy and raw, naturally let out for basically the entire portion of the performance, the band also sounded really great. love the way that the files didn’t just end when the song ended, ... read more

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Sade - Love Deluxe
this album reminds me of how much i love the neo soul genre
Teenage Fanclub - Nothing Lasts Forever
this is a pleasant project, and an even more satisfying listen. every song is pretty well performed & has a bunch of good songs. if you're interested in Teenage Fanclub or even if this is your introduction to them, you won't be disappointed with this. it seemed like my expectations have been growing with the band as the album went on, and that's actually really awesome to see. pretty good album, it's absolutely worthy of your time if you're into more of a mellow approach at a rock album.
underscores - Wallsocket
wow!! another release of new music friday that i absolutely adore :)

April, mostly known as Underscores mainly got her fame from her 2021 project, “Fishmonger” which featured hints of hyperpop, indie rock, and much more other compelling genres that users on here really liked. now; she is back, and better then ever with her newest project, “Wallsocket” featuring artists such as gabby start, henhouse!, and Jane Remover. the features on here are completely something to ... read more

yeule - softscars
on yeule’s newest project, they take us on a digital adventure that sounds glitchy, accessible, futuristic, heavy at times with the guitars and the builds of instrumentation, but still sticks to their original ambient sounds at times. yeule’s voice matches the sounds that they’re creating pretty well, and i’m all for it. yeule has continued their supremacy, redefining their work, and they’re on a roll to be one of the most promising artists of the decade so far. ... read more
Laufey - Bewitched
wow. this album makes me happy but it also seems to find a way to make me the saddest person ever, i love how the intensity in this album builds as the tracklist goes on. mainly in the first six tracks and then the build during Lovesick. the fact that she's so young making music like this is mindblowing, this music is calming. reminds me of something straight out of a ballroom when you're dancing with your significant other, dancing to this entire album as Laufey is on the stage, performing. ... read more


The easy answer that i can come up with is Quadeca. I remember coming home from school in 2019 and checking Twitter every day to see if the tracklist for Voice Memos had dropped yet. I was super hyped when the tracklist actually dropped (February 2019 iirc). Watching him evolve from making knockoff-Playboi Carti music to having his own sound has been incredible.
The band is Animal Collective, and the album was 'Feels'.

The first album I listened to from Animal Collective was the debut, and I was not all that impressed. The noise hurt my ears, and the mixing was noticeably poor. I listened to other albums I did not like, like 'Danse Manatee' and surprisingly 'Sung Tongs', which was childish and uncomfortable, so much so that I won't be listening to it again anytime soon. It wasn't until 'Feels' that I started to truly appreciate the band. Add to that 'Strawberry Jam' and 'MPP', and all of the sudden, Animal Collective is now one of the best psychedelic pop bands of all time. It was a rocky road, but it was amazing to see this band grow (on me) over time.
Well, there's a few artists that come to mind, namely Little Simz and Denzel Curry (two of my personal favourite artists) but I'm gonna go with the buttermilk Jesus himself - JPEGMAFIA

He has slowly but surely evolved so much over the years, starting off with half-decent cloud-rap that wasn't anything special, to becoming one of the most notorious rappers/producers in the game right now. I first found him through 'SCARING THE HOES' as I've always wanted to listen to his music, and since everyone was creaming themselves over it, I decided to give it a listen, and it still remains one of my favourite albums of this year. I then went back from the very beginning and work my way up to his latest album before STH. I mainly did it to understand him and his discography more, and I really enjoyed doing it, and also because tomorrow (25th Sep) I'm going to see him live, so I wanted to listen to all of his stuff beforehand.
Homogenic. Unravel in particular just blew my mind, been a fan since
nostalgia for the now, thought that shit is WACKK on retrospect lol 😭😭
Quadeca, got into him because of Insecure and then later on Voice Memos
Hmmmm one of the first ones that comes to mind honestly is black midi. I got into them through Calvacade, and it really does feel like they are constantly changing and breaking the boundaries in some way, which I find to be really cool and I’m really excited for their future
Bjork 100%. I haven't heard the full discog yet, but from what I've heard, she has evolved into something special every single record. Every other record was somtehing different yet still awesome and forward-thinking
I instantly thought Tyler, the Creator. Dude's been super consistent as a rapper, and I love each of his albums. The very first album of his I listened to was "IGOR". I came across it after watching this one reaction video of these people who listened to the album on full. I saw these people's reactions and thought, "Hey, this must be pretty good!", and when I listened to it, I was floored. It was incredible, and when I grew up to listen to "Flower Boy" and "CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST", that's when I knew I was a fan. "IGOR" is still, to this day, my favorite album of all time. I've never experienced listening to an album like it before.
My first thought is Denzel Curry. Denzel was one of the first rappers ive ever heard because of the "ultimate" phenomeon with bottle flip challenge. I was listening to him since 32 zel and I think that in comparision to his past Denzel did a pretty big glow up. From doing an dark trap to making literal jazz rap. I think he has one of the most amazing evolutions from all the rappers that are making music rn. Every phase of his career to now was like an different world to each other.


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