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Nov 27

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Rollo_P -
Most hip hop music is made to attempt to inspire the listener to do something. Uptown Saturday Night's main goal is to get you to move. Get on your feet, move your ass, hell tap a pencil if that's all you can muster. If it's movement to the rhythm, Camp Lo did their jobs. This is a party that starts from the very first track's bombastic beat and loud, brash raps, and ending on Coolie High, an all-time classic that is laid back and smooth as butter! They might be saying absolute nonsense at ... read more

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Rollo_P -
I tend to treat Brockhampton like I treat Pokemon Go - I was crazy into it that one year, but ever since I just tend to shuffle my feet and look to the ground and pretend I don't what people are talking about whenever they bring it up. No amount of fun new features (except Danny Brown) is gonna change the fact that the BH I fell in love with is all but dead, replaced with artists trying to find that 'new' thing to keep the fire burning without realizing that it's too little too late. The fact ... read more
Rollo_P -
GREAT features from Megan Thee Stallion and ScHoolboy Q, great tracks like Bissonnet, Drizzy Draco, Spice Ln., and Brenda, as well as the constant need to rap consistently and rap responsibly. Maxo's version of consistency usually means sticking by the 1-2 flows that got him to where he is, which might be detrimental to some artists. But someone of Maxo's caliber has enough taste and talent to make it work, while he...

He uh.. ya know..


I'm sorry, we have to talk about Meet Again.

I ... read more
Rollo_P -
The first three and last three tracks are absolutely lovely, but the middle is a bit aggravating. Why do all these 80's rappers insist on 2-3 tracks with obnoxious electric guitar? Regardless, songs like It's Funky Enough, The Formula, and The Grand Finale are classics of the genre, and this album's production has held up *far* better then most. The MCing is solid too, this one would scratch anyone's 80's itch regardless of their east coast or west coast preference.
Rollo_P -
Mobb Deep took a more minimal turn on their follow up to The Infamous, but in doing so they gave the production a more barren, sinister feel. This tone is felt from beginning to end, and it does a good job in illustrating the lyrics and vocal performances from Havoc, Prodigy, and the features. While they don't hit the same highs that they did on the last record, this is still a consistent, enjoyable record that any boom bap, Griselda-stanning oldhead should already have in their library.
Rollo_P -
UNDERRATED, the title track and songs with UGK and Jay-Z are very, very solid.


Nov 24, 2021
Thanks my man
Nov 23, 2021
Like the RTJ reviews
Nov 17, 2021
I'M so sorry i didnt see your last shout, i apologize for replying late. it's my pleasure, keep the good reviews coming!
Nov 17, 2021
just realized how Kirk is kinda like Donda but even less in touch with his parent lmfao
Nov 4, 2021
Man i loved the review! Really glad you found it, in your heart to finally enjoy Peggy hahahha.
Nov 3, 2021
Took abt a week to get this done lol. Thanks for contributing, just posted the list, here’s the list if u wanna check it out :)
Oct 28, 2021
I’ve been alright, not been very active recently lmao. Thanks for contributing m :)
Oct 28, 2021
Hi Rollo! Haven’t talked to u in a while, how u been? Just noticed no one has done an AOTY’s favourite 00s album community list yet so I’m jumping in this opportunity. If u wanna contribute, shout me your top 10 albums of the 00s (please specify if unranked), I’ll let you know when the list is posted :)
Oct 27, 2021
Hey Rollo, we just posted the list. If you want to check it out:)
Oct 24, 2021
Drag the stove to me RIGHT NOW


I enjoy hip hop, with the occasional exception. If you have any reccs, feel free to share!

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