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kmoe - homesick
Nov 30

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acloudyskye - What Do You Want!
The sky was pretty clear when I listened to this actually.
Haha 😐

Anyways. This album has a lot of interesting ideas that are for the most part pretty well executed. Skye’s voice is also mostly solid but it can kinda fall short sometimes like in “Dive”. The elements of folk, acoustic and electronic music come together really nicely throughout a majority of the album. The strings sound great and the acoustic guitars sound really crisp too. A larger issue I have with the ... read more

Pete & Bas - Window Frame Cypher, Pt. II ft. The Snooker Team
Actually such a fat song. Every verse is memorable and fun in their own right. My brother and I have memorised each verse after Norman but again, every verse is great fun. The instrumental is also quite catchy and engaging as well, I especially like the little synth line in McMillan's verse. Overall, incredibly enjoyable song that doesn't overstay it's welcome with funny lyrics and performances.

Edit: I’ve memorised the whole song now.

midwxst - better luck next time.
A super solid project from midwxst. Most of these songs are really strong and catchy. The emo style guitar and digicore/hyperpop production that tastefully utilises overdistored bass suits midwxst's voice incredibly well. Despite a few messy vocal takes throughout the EP, his vocals are strong and compliment each track well. He has a writing style that I enjoy quite a lot, having a sort of trail of thought feeling at times. I feel however that some of the glitches and impacts throughout the ... read more
brakence - cbd
One of brakence’s more catchier hooks for me. Production is great as always and the transitions between sections flow really nicely.


Thanks for the follow! Glad I found your page!
From Me To You

I didn’t get to review this before it was marked for spam so this is it here.
This album suprised me a lot. I didn’t actually think Quadeca was a corny YouTube rapper to write off, I thought that there was a lot of potential when Alone Together dropped. Then the time comes that Sisyphus released and it was unlike anything I’d ever heard from him. This made me hopeful for the album.

After listening to this a few times as well as with each song individually on walks and stuff, I can say that FMTY will probably be in at least the top 5 albums of the year for me. First of all the production was ver the entire album is incredible and it makes me happier to learn that Quadeca produced almost all of it. A cross the board I didn’t have a problem with any vocal performances as it seemed like Quadeca sounded good over all of the beats and I was especially suprised with his singing. He showed a range of vocals that I was not expecting from him like the (pt. 1)
emo style vocals on Alone Together and some of People Pleaser but also quite delicate singing on Swallowed the Key and It’s All a Game. The features overall I think fit well in each song, the weakest probably being Playthatboizay on Work! as his lyrics are pretty face-value compared to every Quadeca does on the verses of that song. My few gripes come with some of Quadeca’s writing throughout the album where a line or two may be a little bit too corny or kind of unnecessary like on Alone Together, Where’d You Go? and a few more throughout the album. However it is apparent that Quadeca has improved as a writer significantly as songs like Sisyphus, Maybe Another Day…, It’s All a Game and the Summits show that he can get very personal, introspective and vulnerable while using very nice choice of words. Overall my problems with this album don’t takeaway much from my enjoyment and the sound, production and performance from Quadeca would definitely make up for that if it did. (pt. 2)
From Me To You is a beautiful and serene but also heavy hitting dive into Quadeca’s mind as he matures and becomes a better vocalist, a better producer and a better writer.

FAVS: Maybe Another Day…, Sisyphus, Summit Pt. 2, Can’t You See, Candles on Fire!, It’s All A Game, People Pleaser, Swallowed the Key (interlude), Summit Pt. 1, Verglas (interlude), Burnin Bridges/Long Day, Smiling at the Ground, Alone Together, Shades of Us, Work!

LEAST FAV: Where’d You Go?

I don’t think Where’d You Go? really fits on the album or at least where it was placed but it’s a nice song as a stand-alone single. (pt. 3)

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