Jorge López Ruiz - Bronca Buenos Aires
First, there were the Daggers. And then came the outskirts, and all the bitterness of the hard men on the wain. Between a card game and some accidental deaths, someone had promised. All the immigrant Broncas arrived, and they brought history and legend. They spread their lunfardo, their slang through the streets. And little by little, took possession of the language.

(A bass soon emanates from the background, breaking the silence.)

And then the clubs disappeared, bars snuffed out like ... read more

what is your name? - beyond old names, everyone's songs.
I was transported back to a moment in time where I was in my old parent's house. About 10 years ago.
It's a school night at 5 PM. The sun is setting. The sour flowers out in our front garden have been picked out by a friend and I.
A mourning dove hangs on the telephone wires that cover the alleyway side where I used to live, cooing.
Life is good in this moment. All I had to worry about in that time was the weekend's soccer ball game, and if I could get ice cream with my dad the next day.
A ... read more
Car Seat Headrest - Teens of Denial
Reccommended to me by @H1DD3N 1N TH3 ST4T1C , thank you for showing me one of your favorite records. I can definitely see this one growing on me as time goes on. This is the second CSH record I've heard and was not disappointed.

Teens of Denial is a quintessential garage rock record- having all of the comeups of personal struggles and vulnerability, raw energy, and amazing production that reminds me why Car Seat Headrest is so revered by music lovers and casual listeners alike. ... read more

Ice Spice - Like..?
Oddisee - To What End
To What End is an album about rejuvenation. It’s a really diverse project: dabbling in lo-fi beat samplings including orchestral strings and hip-hop beats. It’s a lot of things but it never feels overloaded or too ambitious. It just feels like a good ol’ time, equally relaxing and insightful. Instrumentally and lyrically tight through and through.

My biggest gripe about this album however is that it needs a bit of a trim in the track length ("Work To Do", ... read more

Måneskin - RUSH!
It might just be the fact that I don't speak or understand Italian so it comes off as more palatable when the music is the only thing I can judge on first listen, but Måneskin works really well when they stick to an energetic punk sound and EXCLUSIVELY speak in Italian.
However, they leave this Italian-only formula and make a complete English-only turnaround on RUSH! on 14/17 tracks, leaving you with a messy album chock full of questionable cringy lyrics, unfortunate mixing, and ... read more
Kali Uchis - I Wish you Roses
Thank you Kali for singlehandedly saving the dry ass music month that is January
Jon Hopkins - Immunity
Recommended to me by the awesome user @UltimateLifeFrm. Thank you so much for showing me this project!

Jon Hopkins’s “Immunity” is a progressive look into a technical, otherworldly ambient experience accompanied by some of the best tech house/microhouse inclusions I've heard in a VERYYY long time. A pleasant mix between relaxation and build up. The musical equivalent of skating on Saturn's rings- if I can compare this to anything.

The second track, "Open ... read more

Joesef - Permanent Damage
I know that the year JUST begun but I can’t help but to itch for some semblance of a great album to come out this month. January isn’t usually the month where this necessarily happens per-say but you never know! There could be some potential gems awaiting me.. I just got to dig deep.

This is the only album so far that is really solid to me. Even when it gets weaker on the second half, there’s some tracks on here that are really smooth and beautifully performed.

I found this ... read more

Asian Glow & Sonhos Tomam Conta - dreamglow
I’m not a big screamo guy but hangthemall just gives me absolute chills and a giant shot of adrenaline that I’ve been waiting for all week. My current track of the year so far. A surprisingly well produced project from Asian Glow once again!
Nicole Dollanganger - Married in Mount Airy
Oh hey a Nicole release!? Early in the year too? That’s pretty sick! I have friends that are really big fans of her. She reminds me a lot of Ethel. This is her best release yet- it’s pretty moody. Ominous like a fog. Depressive folk music with a sense of tranquility. I feel like I’m slowly walking through a graveyard, being led by a widowed spirit. Her vocals are really dreamy and soft, which benefit the album greatly.

I will say that most of these songs separately work ... read more

Dende - Before We Crash
Everything is here to comprise a solid RnB project. It's sensual, chill, and structurally sound... but that's kind of it. Before We Crash brings nothing new, but its smooth low-fi backtracks and lyricism make it for good background vibey music. However.. that's where the compliments end for me.
FAVS: Flowers
Audry - Undisclosed Advertising & End Credits
Undisclosed Advertising & End Credits is an album curated by the canadian artist audry.
The record is currently on bandcamp only. Here's the link to it here:

To say that I don't have a lot of knowledge in slowcore music would be an understatement- so with that I say to take my feelings about this record with a grain of salt since I'm not a major fan of slowcore to begin with.

Undisclosed Advertising & End ... read more

Consistent as all hell, Metaroom brings in a really clean collection of glitchy breakbeat tracks with cutesy sampling and flare. Production is really good and nothing seems of low quality here. I don’t necessarily see myself returning to this one as much as their previous EP SWEET GENESIS, but it was fun while it lasted!

FAVS: Choise Noise, Cloudswallower

Park Zero - M
My first album of 2023. Here's for another amazing year of music, and to listen to records alongside you all. I'm extremely excited to see what comes up!

Starting off we have a Power Noise album, "M" . While M is mainly a noise IDM album with every track sounding absolutely blown out of bass boost, it does has hints of house and breakbeat within it that keeps things somewhat interesting. M also utilizes older sounding samples that are parroted to you on all 5 tracks, but don't ... read more

Melt Yourself Down - Pray For Me I Don’t Fit In
Pray For Me I Don't Fit In is a musical chameleon, mostly dominated by jazz dance influences. However- it is really a mixed bag in production. Chiptune, afrobeat sections, punk vocals, it's a lot like something I would really enjoy.. I do kind of wish there was a breather in-between or a switch in styles however. It starts to wain after the 4th track, which is really unfortunate considering the songs on their own are extremely groovy.

Easily one of the most unique records of the year though! ... read more

Little Simz - NO THANK YOU
The fact she just straight up released an album on a Monday in December.
Like girl I'm making a list video?!?! You could of released this a little earlier?!?! Now I have to redo my entire list!! Grraaahhh!!

Little Simz continues the winning streak by releasing a project that-while slightly less grand than SIMBI-is still on par with her last year's grand achievement. Orchestral instrumentation is still in full force, her conscious efforts to speak from personal experience still hits, just. ... read more

Respectfully: this album desperately needs the filler-track fat cut off.

Did not expect the last few weeks of 2022 to end with music so emotionally horny. It's a decent listen though, although it's so.. so bloated with tracks that just do not need to be there. 23 tracks and over an hour long, a lot of songs tend to mesh once you recognize the patterns and overall romantic and sexual theming of the album. I feel like every track fulfilled the minute purpose of being there for radio hits. ... read more

MAGDALENE is strangely minimalist coming from one of the most effective art pop artists of our time. It works to its benefit in a way- creating a really good emotional atmosphere and full attention to Twigs vocal talent and story. But when the ballad pattern is in virtually every track.. I cannot help but to feel slightly underwhelmed.

Not that there isn’t any amazing moments on this album though- mary magdalene has an unbelievably touching hook. fallen alien is just. wow? An absolutely ... read more

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On nah_'s review of what is your name? - beyond old names, everyone's songs.
"so so SO glad you enjoyed it (seems like even more than i did! crazy! i absolutely agree on it being a record hard to punch down over how the emotions and nostalgia carry the entire thing and sort of excuse the amateur moments, in a way?)"
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On DREscapePlan's review of Psyopus - Odd Senses
"i was thinking about this response for a bit ever since i saw it a couple days ago. i just wanted to say that i was in the same position 4-5 years ago when i was starting high school. shit’s rough but things eventually ease through- just occupy yourself, surround yourself with the things you love. to the best of your ability. i may not know you personally but i sympathize with your struggle a lot. i wish you well and know that you have people that got your back. me included :)"
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