AOTY 2021
Silk Sonic - An Evening with Silk Sonic
Nov 12, 2021
Anderson .Paak is the first artist that I’ve listened to that’s music allowed me to branch out and explore more genres. Bruno’s music has been with me my whole life branching back almost ten years now. After hearing about their collaboration album in the works, I was beyond excited to see how they would work together. After eight months of waiting, it’s finally here.

About a year after COVID started, there’s been a lot of good and bad music, but the reason I’m bringing it up is because everyone’s had so much down time and a lot of that comes with mental health disruption. A lot of artists have made music as a way of relieving stress, and some have just gone in the shadows. To have an album release from these two in a time like this is such a pleasure and I’m here for it. I’ll shut up and start talking about the album itself now.

Although the record is only nine songs(and one of them is an intro), it is impactful in every way. Leave The Door Open gave me the same feeling that Drivers License gave me: I knew this would be absolutely huge for music. Obviously in different ways, but you get the point. After being able to digest the incredible 70’s style of the first single, we were given Skate in July. Being the weakest of the three singles says something. To be as consistent as Silk Sonic is mind-boggling. Skate gave us a more fun summer smash(perfect for the time it was released) that definitely stuck with me. The strings were more 70’s than the 70’s, and the energy was all there. After months passed, news came out that the projected release date of the album was January 2022. It sucked to hear that it wouldn’t be the wrap-up this year needed. But then they come back on Bruno’s birthday and announce that the album is coming out November 12th, and there would be a new single coming out the week before. I could not believe my ears when I heard Smokin Out The Window. After about 50 listens over the past week, I can happily say it’s one of my favorite songs of all time. It’s humorous, effortless, and flawless through and through. Words could not express my excitement for this album. I’ll move on to the new tracks.

I like that the singles seem very well put together with the full project. The tracklist was put together like a puzzle in the sense that it sways very nicely without having the need for transitions. Starting off with Fly As Me, it was very obvious that Bruno let Anderson take the wheel on this one. The swag that Andy shows off is great to hear, because it sounds like there’s no stress whatsoever and he’s found so much comfort in a collaboration like this. After Last Night was so smooth, sexy, and a collab for the age. Thundercat and Bootsy as features just goes without saying. What’s understood doesn’t need to be explained. Put On A Smile was the best song out of the new songs. The build-up to the end of the track was incredible while the song as a whole felt like the sun was finally coming out after months of rain. 777 was a better version of Skate(in my opinion). It felt the energy from Fly As Me, but Bruno got into it as well. Ending the album with Blast Off was perfect. I expected that the track would be dragging after the first two minutes until the guitar solo comes in and adds so much more to the project as a whole.

So at the end of the day, was the album really worth it? I’d say hell yes! Scratch that, YES LAWD! Bruno and Anderson made the album that I dreamed it would be. I am so happy that the singles weren’t the only highlights. This album is for anyone who keeps an open mind and just wants to have fun. This will most likely be the only record we see from Bruno for a while(as per usual). For Anderson, this record definitely brought in a sea of fans for him, so his next record is highly anticipated already. This is everything and more. My rating will probably change for the record a million times, but that’s just how I am. This is perfect.
Nov 12, 2021
Very beautiful partition , I like very much the approach of your analysis, continue so your progress is palpable
Nov 12, 2021
Great review Ryan!!
Nov 12, 2021
@DoubleZ I learn from a master(you :)) It's definitely getting easier to review week by week, and I'll continue to progress.
Nov 12, 2021
Same feeling here! Was excited for the album as huge of a Bruno fan I was and this lovely album has turned me into a Anderson .Paak fan. Amazing review!
Nov 12, 2021
Amazing review bud, genuinely couldn’t have said it better myself if I tried!
Nov 12, 2021
good work ryan!, i can see this record genuinely means a lot to you :)
Nov 13, 2021
Great analysis Ryan, keep it up!
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