Nov 5, 2021
After making a statement with Limbo over a year ago, Amine continues to prove that Caroline wasn’t the end for him. Starting his career with Good For You and ONEPOINTFIVE, the energy, flows, beats, and all around fun was all there at the beginning. With Limbo, I like that he went for a fun aspect, but also got pretty personal on songs like “Mama” or even “Roots”. The fact that an album like Limbo was made over the pandemic just proves that Amine never takes a rest. So now we’re here, and we have TWOPOINTFIVE. Here’s what I thought.

“Charmander” was such an eye-opener in the best way possible. I was pleasantly surprised by the experimentation he chose to play with. I expected that no one would like this type of sound from an artist like Amine, but I was definitely wrong. I love how it fits with the mixtape’s cohesion perfectly as well. It’s like nothing he’s ever made, so it’s refreshing to have a sound like this.

Amine had me out of my chair with “Colors” and “NEO”. Colors was awesome. It was great to hear Amine’s pitch change throughout the song without sounding messy. NEO was definitely the major banger of the album for me. The bubbly production sounded like trumpets for some reason, and I love it. He ended the fantastic three-track run with OKWME. The production was so new for Amine. It’s pretty indescribable. The mixing caused his voice to sound a bit quiet especially with the beat choice. Brownie points for the Rickey Thompson outro as well.

“Van Gogh” and “Shit2Luz” were just carried by production while the delivery was mediocre at best. “Between The Lines” is another example of a song that could’ve been left in the drafts. Part of the song sounded like Jack Harlow’s old flow. I don’t really know what to say about that, but it’s not really a bad thing.

“meant2b” is literally Amine’s Playboi Carti ripoff song. I mean it’s not bad, but it’s really not that good. The track’s beat has so much potential, but to be honest it was waisted. I just waited for the moment where Amine’s energy would go nuts, and it never happened. It’s also strange how meant2b out of all tracks is the outro.

The weirdest thing about this record is that it felt like 100 Gecs and BROCKHAMPTON had a mediocre baby. The album was definitely cohesive, but cohesion doesn’t always solve an album's problems. I’m pretty in the middle with this mixtape. It definitely sticks to hip-hop, but it’s a more experimental approach this time around. I’m not sure who this album was intended to attract, but if you like it you like it and if you don’t you don’t. This is most likely Amine’s worst project yet, but there was definitely a lot to like. I hope his next project surpasses Limbo, but it especially needs to surpass this mixtape.
Nov 5, 2021
I'm pretty sure the majority of Limbo was actually recorded prior to the pandemic and the album was just pushed back by the label for a few months in hopes that the virus is just gonna go away or whatever.
Nov 5, 2021
@armavir thank you for the info😌I took an assumption to be honest with you. Either way limbo is truly something special.
Nov 5, 2021
Yeah true! It's literally my most streamed album of last year, so i love itt
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