Fall Out Boy - M A N I A
Oct 10, 2020

I should have stopped. I already had all the proof I needed to back up my claim that Fall Out Boy is trash. I should have stopped listening and moved on. But noooo, I had to go and listen to MANIA, didn't I? I had to complete the binge, because what if I ended up liking it? That happened with Coldplay, why wouldn't it happen here? You shouldn't trust other people's opinions, and you can't definitively say if Fall Out Boy is trash or not without completing their entire discography, so you gotta listen to MANIA.

Is this some sick joke? Pete Wentz, is this some kinda fucking joke? You really sat there in the studio and thought to yourself "Yeah, this is a good album" and released it? You pulled a fucking One More Light, only without the added sadness in hindsight? Because this is fucking pathetic. Save Rock and Roll was boring, American Beauty/American Psycho was annoying, I thought there was nowhere to go but up after that. What could possibly be worse than annoying?

Nothing is worse than annoying. This "album" is nothing. This collection of melodies and instruments structured into what you could call "songs", despite their attempts at a massive and anthemic feeling, are complete baron wastelands. There is nothing to gain from these 35 minutes. The closest this gets to worthy is Young and Menace, but only because it's so hilariously atrocious that you can't help but laugh at it. That's what Fall Out Boy are now. A laughing stock.

I could have stopped. I should have stopped. I don't have much time now to just spend a day listening to music now that college has started up again. I could have listened to good music. I could have listened to Velocity:Design:Comfort. I could have listened to more from Bright Eyes. I could have caught up on releases from this year I've missed. I could have finally gotten around to reviewing You Won't Get What You Want. I could have played Minecraft with some of my best friends. I could have spent some time with my father.

But no. I listened to MANIA.

Fuck you, Pete Wentz.

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