Clairo - Immunity
Incredibly boring at points but Clairo is definitely talented and showcases solid songwriting. I think she is a victim of trying to appeal to the mainstream.
For months I was expecting a disappointment and instead was given another fantastic forward thinking album by Charli. Her creativity and uniqueness is still intact as ever. One of the best runs of projects by a pop star since..... ever.
black midi - Schlagenheim
It’s albums like this that just come out of nowhere to surprise you. A few months ago I heard the single “Talking Heads” and I loved it but nothing could have prepared me for the insanity of this album. Black Midi is that band that despite one short KEXP live session essentially had no material and yet here they are on their debut delivering one of the best albums of the decade. “Schlagenheim” brings to mind similarities to some of my favorite bands. Their ... read more
100 gecs - 1000 gecs
Holy shit what an album! 100 Gecs are a fairly new musical group which has caught many ears and for good reason. So far this year, this is most jarring and face value shocking album I’ve heard most having to do with the ridiculous vocals. Dylan and Laura pitch shift and speed up their vocals as well as over-saturating with auto-tune to create a dizzying glitch pop experience. The absurdist lyrics help add to the feeling of this album sounding like a blender of ideas from pop in both the ... read more
Alex Lahey - The Best of Luck Club
Made a whole post about this album but hated what I wrote and honestly I’ve grown to dislike this album. It’s pretty ok first listen but on repeated listens shows itself to have little to no standout qualities among other indie rock records.
Jai Paul - Leak 04-13 (Bait Ones)
A character in the pop world I was actually not familiar with until this official release but as the name suggests in many songs this album just feels incomplete. There are many cool ideas none of which are fully fleshed out and the mix is pretty terrible on this album.
Flying Lotus - Flamagra
Flying Lotus - Flamagra •
Wow..... I was not expecting this. Flying Lotus is one of the producers I respect the most with what he has brought through his amazing label Warp but this album is shockingly redundant and derivative of his last few albums.
PUP - Morbid Stuff
Growing from a teenager to an adult brought with it a sudden distaste for much of the pop-punk from my childhood. “Morbid Stuff” is that album that it took to remind me why I still like and have hope for the genre. PUP got everything right on this album with songs that are over the top and weird in a lovable way. Angsty vocals, clever and relatable narratives, and instrumentation that doesn’t sound stale for once describe this album’s place in the pop-punk scene. The ... read more
Denzel Curry - ZUU
Nearly a year removed from “Ta13oo”, Denzel’s critically acclaimed concept album, he saw fit to drop a much less serious album. “Zuu” is an album full of hometown anthems and bangers from front to back. I saw someone else say that this project is almost like a trap reimagining of hip hop from the bling era and I can definitely see the connection with the lyrical content and glistening, hard hitting beatsDenzel has a few great choruses on this album namely on the ... read more
Faye Webster - Atlanta Millionaires Club
On this album Faye Webster brings a wholly unique sound to the southern folk and singer-songwriter genre. When I play this album I get a sense of many different sub genres being melded together from folk and indie rock to hints of bluegrass, blues and jazz. A key example on the song “Right Side of My Neck” where the deep bassline screams blues rock, the drum pattern is like that of an indie rock song and the lyrics are much in the style of folk music. Faye has a very warm and ... read more
Steve Lacy - Apollo XXI
I was skeptical going into this Steve Lacy album and with good reason as his work in the past has been pretty hit or miss. The first thing that stood out to me in this projects is Steve’s singing. Now, some may feel differently but I think his singing is bad on this album, occasionally horrid. There is no power at all to his voice, but neither is there finesse and so I’m stuck trying to figure out what Steve was going for. The first song that really caught my attention was ... read more
I’m a sucker for anything from Japan but this album is pretty meh at the end of the day.
slowthai - Nothing Great About Britain
Slowthai is someone who is very new to me and a lot of other music listeners but has made quite a splash with his debut record. The record starts off in a mind blowing way with the amazing title track “Nothing Great About Britain.” A track which sees him tackling his country’s history and current status by making contrasting imagery of royalty versus poverty. The lyrical content is amazing enough but it’s supported by a manic skipping beat with sinister strings hanging ... read more
One of the most overrated albums of the decade, nothing interesting going on at all.
The National - I Am Easy to Find
Year after year passes with more praise for The National, and with every new album released I just get more confused as to what critics love so much about them. This will be one of my shorter reviews due to the fact that The National’s music is so offensively boring that it essentially leaves nothing to talk about. They used a number of female guest vocalists on this album, “I Am Easy To Find” and over the course of 16 songs, none of these otherwise talented women stand out ... read more
Carly Rae Jepsen - Dedicated
It’s been 4 long years since Carly Rae Jepsen dropped one of the best pop albums of the decade, and on “Dedicated” she follows up with a set of tracks which are almost as addicting. CRJ has a very special ability to write hooks which are instantly catchy and stick with no effort really, they just feel so natural. She’s just simply the best hook writer we have in pop right now and maybe will have ever. On these 15 tracks, the lyrical content consists of a more obsessive ... read more
Injury Reserve - Injury Reserve
One of the most highly anticipated albums of the year is this Injury Reserve self titled. Maybe this is one of those cases of an album being disappointing because of a crazy amount of hype around I but I’m not sure something just feels missing. I felt like there was quite a lot of redundant filler in this album and not nearly as many witty and clever songs as on previous projects. “Jawbreaker” I thought was a really great song but it has grown off me since first hearing it. I ... read more
Tyler, The Creator - IGOR
Tyler, The Creator at this point is no stranger to experimentation, whether for good or for bad. Igor continues his character development with an album that is a somewhat campy reimagining of a late 70s soul record through the lens of modern hip hop and pop. First things first, the production on this album is amazing and so much more fulfilling that is has been on previous Tyler projects. “Igor’s Theme” starts off the album with a monstrous synth bass followed by a strange ... read more
Khalid - Free Spirit
It’s been a long time since I’ve been *this* bored by an album.
Weezer - Weezer (Black Album)
Bad, bland, over produced dad pop rock. Please just retire Rivers, we love you.
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