I've got to make a dangerous confession myself regarding this album and the whole Logic situation:

This album is better than Supermarket.

There I said it! Although that's like saying that piss is better than shit. He just HAD to release another NOT GOOD on my birthday! My fault for not listening to @thomasny18 's warning but I genuinely feel like I'm about to seriously overrate mediocre albums in the next few weeks because this was a reminder of most of what I dislike about rap. Corny all around. Terrible song executions. Nothing is tight or appealing. Thanks for featuring Will Smith, the corniest guy on the planet. I'm pretty numb after this.

Logic's fans, otherwise known as the "rat pack" (?) is obviously loving what Logic is doing. I think he's making the most run of the mill, bland rap since Eminem in order to appease them, and they are eating it up. I also think Logic genuinely thinks that his music is the most dope thing ever... He doesn't realize why nobody will ever consider him "the greatest alive"

(when I heard him refer to himself as the GOAT in Homicide & Lost In Translation I said a HAAAAA so loud I woke up my neighbors. I'm anxiously waiting for an eviction notice. Fuck you Sir. Yes his first name is Sir, not Robert. His parents knighted him at birth??? anywhooo..)

It makes no sense. I used to be big on Sir pre 2016. I still think his first mixtapes were really good. And then he got popular, and discovered that the majority of his fanbase consists of pre-pubescent white kids who think Rick & Morty is the most genius show ever made and their moms who are suckers for the "radio-friendly" sound and think they are hip listening to rap. I've genuinely never met anyone my age who's like "You know what bro, Logic makes great music that really speaks to me." He is literally the Nickelback of hip hop. Started off alright, but then became victims of their own niche and never made anything of significance.

This is fast food rap but it's not even exciting. Listening to Logic talk about his 'biracial dick' and comparing his rap prowess to 'being a slave' is the equivalent of eating a McDonalds cheeseburger that has been sitting around for a month. Imagine that.

I'd say that this is listenable as long as you turn your brain off and listen to the beats which were mostly good. They were criminally wasted though. I guess the song "Keanu Reeves" was good, probably a highlight. The beat of the song "BOOBY" was brutally wasted. But overall nothing that will convince me to come back. At all. I'm getting huge Revival flashbacks. Imma just stop.

"Old girl wanna give the boy head
How 'bout a little bitty self-love instead?
I can't fuck a ho, I'd rather self-love instead"

I'll just leave you with that.
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May 15, 2019
I think Logic is closer to the Weezer of hip hop personally
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Mar 28, 2019
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