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1) STEP 1: Don’t even THINK about writing a memey, shitty one word/sentence “review”. You’re wasting everybody’s time by just writing shit like “good”. Step your game up baby!!

Yeah that’s right. You know who you are. Quit that shit please.

2) STEP 2: Give your thoughts on why you like/dislike the album. Here’s your chance to show people the different aspects of the album. Bonus points if you also get creative!

So, this in my opinion is the best album that dropped last night and is in my opinion one of the best albums of the year so far.

Everything about this album to me just oozes creativity and energy. “Injury Reserve” falls into the ‘experimental’ sub-genre, however I feel it’s much easier to consume than contemporary albums that fall in the same genre. I think every song on here has it’s own identity, it’s electric, dynamic and extremely easy to vibe to in its own way, yet it flows together cohesively, so very well. It’s in a way pretty Brockhampton-esque in regards to both the chemistry of the group as well as the sounds that are being showcased (although Injury Reserve doesn’t work with nearly as many transitions during the songs but I digress).

Also this has the benefit of both being super effective upon first listen, and also growing on you EVEN more dude to how catchy the songs are. I mean songs like “Jawbreak”, “GTFU”, “Gravy n’ Biscuits”, “Jailbreak The Tesla”, “Wax On” etc. are just pure bangers.

I love the almost Eminem inspired early 2000s sound on the song “Gravy n’ Biscuits”. Aminé in my opinion delivered feature of the year with his feature on my favourite song of the project, the banger “Jailbreak The Tesla”. JPEGMAFIA came a very close second for me. Rico Nasty was also appreciated and definitely added her own flavour in the song “Jawbreak”, and Freddie Gibbs was also pretty stellar on the song “Wax On”. I mean these guys really know how to use other artists in their songs properly, and actually utilise the features to enhance the narrative of the songs rather than take them in another direction.

The song “Rap Song Tutorial” is iconic to me, “What a Year It’s Been” is a needed cool down after the banger after banger after banger of the first section of the album, and after the short “Hello?!” interlude, the album finishes on a high with the final 3 songs. At this point, Injury Reserve get more personal and introspective, and although don’t present the most memorable hooks, their verses are pretty much the selling point as they fantastically compensate for the lack of a good / memorable chorus.

I would say the song “New Hawaii” can borderline on boring for most people, for the fact it’s so drastically different in mood, sound and energy, that to a lot of people it can be seen as a sleeper. I still enjoyed the track and thought that it was good although I would say that for me, it’s probably the most unneeded full-length song of the album, and my appreciation of the album would not have been affected had the song not made it on the final album. Injury Reserve, gives the album a great closer with the closer “Three Man Weave”, a jazzy rap track that gives them a few final minutes to reflect on their lives since they effectively blew up on the music scene. It left a nostalgic fuelled, feel good state of mind and made me wanna replay the album as soon as it closed off.

It’s interesting to see where this album will fall in context of the group’s discography, but in my opinion, it’s a very welcomed addition. It’s not only super fun and groovy to listen to, but also implements a lot of creativity and includes some of the best jams the trio has brought to the game so far.

3) STEP 3: So now what are your critiques (if any), what tracks are your favourite (optional) and what would be overall rating (optional but recommended). Think outside the box to bring your review together and creatively sum it up.

Honestly, my biggest critique would probably be that I just wanted even more variety and for IR to take their sound even further and find more ways to creatively enhance the experience of their songs. Things like mid-song transitions, crazy beat switches and more eccentric song progressions are so welcomed, especially to a group that has proven they have the creative ability to do so.

Overall I feel like this album is really solid combination of bangers and substance, that is pretty bound to keep growing till the end of the year. Their “risks” pretty much paid off for me, and I’m excited to dive even more in the album in the future as well as anticipate how Injury Reserve will proceed from here. I don’t think they have reached their full potential yet, but this album was really fucking great all around.

Kinda feeling a light - decent 8 for now. Let’s hope it grows!

FAV 5 tracks: Jawbreaker, Jailbreak The Tesla, Gravy n’ Biscuits, What a Year It’s Been, Three Man Weave



4) STEP 4: READ OVER AND CHECK WHAT YOU’VE WRITTEN. Nothing sucks more than going through shitty spelling and grammar. Make it easy for people to understand your points. That’s a must.

This is more of a step for y’all rather than me, but damn I’d be embarrassed if I slip here...

5) FINAL STEP: Congratulations! You’re now ready to post a review on AOTY. Put yourself in somebody else’s shoes. Would you be interested to read what you’ve written if it came from somebody else? Does it offer value and insight and it’s also fun to read and inspire a discussion. Does it convey emotions, feelings and thoughts clearly? If you can answer yes to all/most of that: you are now ready to post. Thank you for your contribution to this ever growing music community. Remember to love your parents and be a good person.

You’re welcome.

( So, I just realised @PipePanic wrote his review in pretty much the same format to mine already, but I don’t feel like re-working this. Perhaps I have the benefit of allowing the album to settle for longer than 1 listen, so perhaps the in-depth will resonate more. Maybe not.)

Fuck it.
May 17, 2019
May 17, 2019
brb, unfollowing @thomasny18 real quick... hahahah
May 18, 2019
good review
May 18, 2019
good opinion
May 19, 2019
good kid, maad city
May 19, 2019
@amygoodall you just gonna take this slander?????
May 19, 2019
May 20, 2019
May 20, 2019
who you callin 'baby' m8 🧐
May 20, 2019
May 21, 2019
This site would truly benefit from more creative minds such as yours. Excellent review, well thought out and with a unique concept. I absolute love this! 👏🏻
May 21, 2019
@zachthesnack Thanks for the kind words dude, much appreciated! I do my best to make every review of mine as creative and full of value that I can think of :))

Ironic that i complain about this site being too much of a meme-fest, and my most popular review has become just that. Oh well *sigh*
May 21, 2019
I was so guilty of being a meme reviewer when I started out. thanks for the clear reminder of what we should be doing, which you do any way with every great review your write. also: good.
May 21, 2019
caralho hein mano, cê tá chato!! sicko mode: metendo o louco
May 23, 2019
May 23, 2019
May 25, 2019
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