Imagine you are an astronaut, a space explorer.

You're on a mission. Your objective is to discover a new home for humanity. Resources are low, pollution is high. The Earth's greenhouse effect is at an all time high. The Sun's heat has melted the ice thus thousands of species have gone extinct and millions of people have died as a result of the disaster of uncontrollably high sea levels and a lack of ultraviolet protection & radiation. Back home, there is a constant threat of war & a constant pressure for survival. The world is in panic mode: there are uprisings and government coupes, discrimination is at an all-time high and only the richest get humanitarian treatment. It's chaos. It's the end of the world as we know it.

You have been selected with a group of the bravest and most ambitious astronauts to take part in a mission so important, that it's failure will result in human extinction. You say goodbye to your friends and your family. You kiss your loved ones one last time, eat your favourite meal for the last time. You spend the last few days doing everything you wanted to do, because you know soon there'll be no turning back. The day before take-off, you feel insane amount of pressure. You want to quit and give up, but you just can't do it. The thought of doing nothing when you could potentially save your species from death, is unforgivable. You know the chances of success are astronomically low, up there in the unknown is pretty much certain death. But it's worth a shot...

It's been 35 years. You've just woken up from yet another cryosleep and passed through one final wormhole at light speed. This was the most insane, and largest wormhole ever discovered and you made it through. You've spend nearly a lifetime searching and searching, but all to no avail. It's seems lost. You have only aged slightly, but you know back home that generations have passed. It's almost certain that all your friends and family, are now dead. You don't know if humanity has succumbed to the pressure all these years and an apocalyptic event has already occurred. You don't know if all your efforts are for nothing. But you know deep inside YOU MUST keep going. You've gone too far, you've just passed the last co-ordinate of Galaxy GN-z11's known red-shift location. In other words, you are 32 billion light years away from Earth. You're in uncharted territory now, beyond anything we've ever discovered in the observable universe. This is it, you only have enough fuel for one more try.

As you approach what seems like a potentially promising exoplanet, 3 times the size of Jupiter, but with conditions that could potentially support life, something strange happens. Suddenly, your transmission picks up a sound. It's the most bizarre thing ever because, it sounds just like music from back home on Earth! But there is something different about it, something that makes it very...well..alien. It's textured in dimensions of layers, electric feedback layers producing waves of euphoria. There is also a voice. It doesn't sound like it has a gender, but it's delicate, soothing and ethereal. Is it a message? Anyways you know it's important to record it. As you listen, you look what's out there. There is a quasar in the distance, red and glowing, in the shape of a swirling cloud. The light is bright, it illuminates the surroundings and you see all the objects, and planets. Bright, in a million different colours, all together.

It's the most surreal experience, you are convinced it's a dream, but it's not. You question if you've ever woken up from your cryosleep, or if this is the afterlife and the spaceship never made it past the pressure of the wormholes. But it's real. After 46 minutes, there is an error, and the recording stops abruptly. You relay the recording back to Earth, hoping that somebody listens. You enter the exoplanet, and the conditions are perfect. It's paradise. You relay the co-ordinates of your location from the AI computer, back to the one on Earth . You live out the rest of your life there, the same way the first men of our own planet did. You start building and building and praying everyday that someone received your message and is coming.

Years and years pass, and you begin to lose hope. You are an old man now, your age has finally caught up with you. You have the appearance and strength of a 88 year old, but in reality you've been out there for 473 years. If time hadn't been warped thanks to the higher dimensions of the wormhole's space-time, you'd be long dead. It's just another day, and you feel super weak. You feel like the end is coming, there is no one to help you. You're the last human in your mind. And yet there is a sound that you remember. It's the recording you captured all these years ago. It seems like a lifetime has passed since then. You've built and created, ensured you have all the resources you need to survive. But your death is coming. You can feel it. Your life begins to flash through...

Suddenly, there is a huge shadow above you. You look and it's thousands of spaceships, much more advanced than yours. And in front, there are thousands of flags. You realise they are countries... its us! Life starts over, and it's all thanks to the discovery of the sound you made decades ago. Where did it come from? Was there someone else? Maybe higher dimensional beings? Or inconceivable sense of energy, godlike in complexity and impossible to understand? Or just luck? In the end, it didn't matter.

It was always supposed to happen, just the way it did.

Everything is fine.

You did it.

This is a record that doesn't feel like has a beginning, middle or ending. It's like the sounds are always & have always been there, and we have only managed to capture 46 minutes of this mysterious, and possibly infinite source. The waves of the universe are never ending, and continuously expanding, and every track had me captivated enough to lose myself in my imagination, and visually experience discovering pieces of the undiscovered.

I prefer Loveless when it comes to personal listening, overall enjoyment and emotional attachment. Also the aesthetic execution of that album, felt a lot more expertly crafted, where as "m b v" is just raw energy. It's a personal preference, but I love it more. However, calling this album brilliant would be an understatement. I had a similar experience while listening to "Agaetis Byrjun", however that album was far more psychedelic to me and showed a lot more love and care and just felt like the ending of 2001: A Space Odyssey. This on the other hand, is much more in your face, alien and textured. Walls upon walls of guitar sound. Not always in the mood for it, but when I am it's one hell of a fulfilling listen.

Incredible comeback album. One of the decade's best.
May 21, 2019
I actually didn't like it that much tbh.
May 21, 2019
No but for real though, what an incredible review. 10/10 quality storytelling.
May 21, 2019
That’s cool Queen ;) m b v is so precious to me. If you’d like try listening to it 1 more time while watching spacey related stuff on youtube and having my story in mind and see if anything clicks.

Or don’t. Either way I appreciate the kind words!!
May 21, 2019
I just read literature. Holy shit.
May 21, 2019
@Emperor of Sound 天皇 I liked the album lol. I was trying to look like an asshole and interrupt this beautiful stream of words with "me no likey tho."
May 21, 2019
@Toasterqueen12 Well that's reassuring lol
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