Paradise Lost - Obsidian
May 18, 2020
The new full length project called "Obsidian" from the fathers of goth metal is out. Grab it.

Before listening to the English band Paradise Lost, I must recognize my lack of knowledge about Goth or this more "doomish" approach to Power Metal. But nonetheless, some things and sounds always translate into a good message if they are worthy of our time.

The album begins with such an epic banger, really setting the bar really high for the rest of it. And "Fall from Grace" begins even heavier and powerful with this perfect cadence to headbang to and perfect harmony between the growls and the more subtle voice in the chorus that culminates with an incredible guitar solo. The third track "Ghosts", unfollows itself after the other two, always seemed linked together and thought as of one big song, with no transitions being felt, and that's a really hard thing to put together with such quality behind it, in any genre of music.
The production on this is really tight, capturing all the raw depressive emotions. Track after track its delivered this smooth low-toned metal that always exploded into something bigger than life epic piece of music. But, in a 56 minute album, there has to be more to it. Different paces, different messages and maybe a more slow approach to give us a chance to breathe a little, since every single track on this is epic journey into what best can be done in Doom Metal. The last track on this album shows a sonority more energetic and more uplifting vibe from Power Metal, which makes me wonder if this album couldn't contain more of this.

To summarize, it's an excellent project that has one flaw; itself, and, in this case, being to much of the same, generically talking (even though being all so constantly and technically excellent).

TRACK OF THE SPOTLIGHT: For me, "Fall From Grace" is the a 10/10 on Doom Metal. Such a perfect put together song with heavy instrumentation always supporting a more graceful voice that builds up to a chorus that couldn't be more in your face.
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