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San Diego (All instathots are two hours up north)
Live with authenticity to yourself, every second of the day. Send me recommendations that’s not metal, noise rock, or gangsta rap
n o s t a l g i a
RIP Neil Peart
19 year old Polish music nerd living in Ireland. I listen to as many new albums that come out and do Top 50 lists at the end of every year. If you have any album you want me to check out I'll 100% listen to anything ya want and review it on my page! Follow the homie: @mickyt And follow my YouTube group account: @TheCassetteTape And if anyone wants to check out my YouTube account where me and my friend do a weekly podcast about all things music, here is the pilot episode:
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Johnson. 19. He/Him. Professional Idiot. Rating scale: 10 - Life changing 9 - My favorites 8 - Solid 7 - Enjoyable 6 - Meh 5 - Indifference 4 - Mediocre 3 - Bad 2 - Worse 1 - I want to die 0 - This shouldn't exist You should follow me on Twitter I post funny things there sometimes haha
United States

Baja Frecuencia
Santiago, Chile
Just a boy rating albums and feeling good about himself. I have a Youtube Channel called Baja Frecuencia where I review movies and music, go and check it out. 100: Holy shit 90: Spectacular 80: Fantastic 70: Great 60: Good 50: Mediocre / Indifferent 40: Not good 30: Bad 20: Disgusting 10: Horrendous I don't believe in 0/10, so my minimum is 1/10.
Music To Be Murdered By
Rating System: 100 = Masterpiece/Perfect 90-99 = Amazing 80-89 = Great 70-79 = Good 60-69 = Decent 50-59 = Medicore 40-49 = Somewhat Bad 30-39 = Very Bad 20-29 = Awful 10-19 = Cancer 0-9 = Corey Feldman Other Accounts: LETTERBOXD:
Ryde Noir (X98 out March 6th)
United Kingdom
i’m my own biggest critic. all support is much appreciated. ryde noir is my musical project. debut project “X98” is on the way.
Floating in Space
I work on a simple grading scale: 100 - Masterpiece 99-90 - Amazing album 89-80 - Great album 79-70 - Good album 69-60 - Decent album 59-50 - Mediocre 49-40 - Not so good 39-30 - Bad 29-20 - Horrible 19-10 - Epitome of my insanity 9-0 - I won't touch it with a 39 and a half foot pole
Glasgow Scotland
Deleted all my ratings because they are all so dated
Madvillainy Gang
(A.K.A. Valentino) PipePanic protégé I'm living my best life
did you know that bashing my music taste increases your chances of changing my opinion to 0%. heya! i'm abe! and i'm here because of impa mates. 😄 i really love everyone in here! WWWW! Rating System: 100 - W 99 to 90 - supercalifragilisticexpialidocious 89 to 80 - i appreciate you 79 to 60 - nice for background music 59 to 50 - listenable/acceptable/tolerable/lowkey okey for background music 49 to 0 - a lot of skips happened, didn't finish listening, stops listening midway to the album.
Uhh hi
hey i'm liz, and i consume wiggly air. 99% of what i listen to is stuff i'm expecting to like so dont expect very many negative scores. follow my instagram @goodeveningcaptain for reviews whenever i feel like it 100: Good 99-70: good 69-50: eh 49-1: bad 0: Bad
my scores are a permanent work in progress but I generally enjoy pop, rnb and anything else that randomly catches my attention and holds it.
I do pseudo-professional reviews of primarily Hip Hop, Classic Rock/Psychedlic Rock, Prog Metal and Blues projects.
just check my ratings and hushhhh booboo
mostly gonna be rating new albums to keep track of the 2020 stuff I listen to. also I pretty much only listen to stuff I think I like, so don't expect many negative ratings
Wisconsin, USA
I don't do ratings anymore; This exists as an archive.
The little train station in Harpers Ferry
i only show you my inhuman you understand
em /ᐠ。‸。ᐟ\
hello i'm em
hi! i mainly listen to metal & my fav metal subgenres include death, prog, & power metal, but also some folk & doom metal, & a tiny bit of black metal
A literal Throwback
Central California
19 Y/O he/him AOTY'S crunchy granola writer. I primarily listen to folk, pop and metal. I usually like what I hear, so expect a lot of positive ratings. Send me a rec sometime! 51+ is positive 50 is average 49- is negative
follow my ig: @zach.wanders
This is my main account where all my ratings (albums + singles) and my reviews are, I have two other accounts that you should check out My Albums Account: @ThanosBoi My Singles Account: @zachbyars Rating System: 100: masterpiece 95: amazing 90: loved it 85: really liked it 80: very good 75: good 70: average 65: meh 60: slightly boring 50: pretty boring 40: not good 30: bad 20: terrible 10: horrific 0: belongs in dumpster

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