AOTY 2023
these feel the most like ideas, and lack that kinda emotional edge the other scrapyards really excelled in. easier is beautiful, but still feels like just an idea - even if i tried is a beautiful soundscape, but i don't really feel the vocals. Guess Who? Is super awesome tho, total banger
André 3000 - New Blue Sun
doot doola doot doot
Drake - For All The Dogs Scary Hours Edition
Solidifying that 2020s goat title.
Quadeca - I Didn’t Mean To Haunt You (Vinyl Deluxe)
Some of my favourite music of the year, spring summer fall + fractions demo are especially beautiful.
Another amazing pack from Quadeca, the anxious, desperate yet unsurprised vocals on dustcutter are so well done and would've been right at home on an album like Haunt You, exploring the more bargaining side of grief is amazing to hear. Under My Skin is easily one of the best songs of the year with that kinda obsessive and more manical sound - that final verse is one of my favourite verses of the year also and really hits home. The funny 1 minute song goes hard too, but not much to say about it ... read more
Ameer Vann & Merlyn Wood - Slime In the Ice Machine
lazy is the best way to describe this.
Cola Cartel - Revive
Cola feels like he had an update with this single, the vocal processing is sounding nicer than ever and even some new autotuned layers that make the earworms have extra jackhammers to get into my head at a record rate. He's hacking into my brain. The kinda robotic autotuney, glitches that are added, mixed with some of his best singing we've heard, it mixes the intimacy of a track like Golden with some of the more complex harmonies he's tackled on his previous albums. It's some final boss shit ... read more
Kevin Abstract - Running Out
Probably the least grabbing of the singles.
Westside Gunn - And Then You Pray For Me
This album is hilariously and offensively bad, as a huge wsg fan this is a collection of his worst songs, beats and features. Has about 3 (admittedly amazing) highlights, and the rest is just terrible song after terrible song. Fuck this bro. I'm so disappointed and sad.
Charlie Bett - MUDPILERS
They're back and they're on smoke. Bett and Cola are relentless on this track, Charlie seems like he could just go on forever - bringing an array of punchlines, one of the first verses that really feels backed with them. HIs energy slowly builds throughout the verse, incredibly satisfying to listen to. The beat is super accomodating, maybe could've done with more obvious changes throughout but the little details such as the violins add a nice sense of progression. Cola is rapping again, which ... read more
A great two-pack. I think Quadeca's voice inflections and way he delivers his verses on A LA CARTE don't work as well without that grainy IDMTHY filter and mixing over them. The instrumental is once again super cool and unique, sounds like nothing out rn really. Brakence is alright, not the biggest fan of him.

U DON'T KNOW ME LIKE THAT is where the magic is at though, autotune deca is a force and a half. I love the gloomy instrumental and pitched vocals, one of the best Quadeca songs to date. ... read more

Drake - For All The Dogs
Drake plays to all his strengths, creating a near flawless project showcasing why he's still A1 in this decade. Super fun, super memorable and all the features play to the assignment.
Drake - 8am in Charlotte
Six God in final form. He genuinely is one of the best lyricists in the game rn and his style might be more obvious than some lyricists but it's easy to understand and makes me freak everytime.
Kevin Abstract - Blanket
Nothing happens but it's still pretty cool
Denzel Curry - SKED
one of the cooler zeltron tracks post melt, but still feels pretty empty from a lyrical standpoint
Drake - Slime You Out
Drake got that high quality, premium feel on this album. Production is beautiful, Drake's vocals sound as good as ever and SZA is a great addition. I'm so glad we're getting this sound. Great single.
Kole Xidas - FIZZLE.
Opposite of a warm album - fizzle feels like sitting with a tiny little flame in a darkened room, hearing strange echos of thoughts that are barely present anymore. It definitely feels like a fizzle towards the end, as I feel the ending is somewhat underwhelming, but it starts very strong and feels like a righteous return for an artist like Kole.
Cardi B & Megan Thee Stallion - Bongos
As a lover of WAP and sometimes a fan of both artist. This is a terrible attempt at recreating the WAP craze. The rhythm wasn't there, the rapping isn't really there but mostly the BEAT sucks royally. This is laughably bad for the most part, goes to show how much a beat matters. Lyrics aren't even that funny or creative in comparison to WAP. Damn shame.
Olivia Rodrigo - bad idea right?
One of the worst songs I've heard this year, has some nice moments though. But it reminds me of like a tiktok songwriter in the worst way possible.
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On Drake - For All The Dogs
"Idk man, I'm really a big fan of modern drake (I do feel he had a quality issue around Scorpion/More Life era), I really think his run this decade has been super fun. I love almost every song here, the beats feel fresh and his ideas are still coming through. Love his deliveries and his lyrics still show he has new ways to tell the same stories."
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"yea i dont know why people are calling it crazy or anything i think they're just being nice - easily the least inspired thing i've made in the past like year or two lol"
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"thank you charlie <3"
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"doing the things ur trying to do on this track is very hard to do right admittedly. it's cringe. the drums on the first half are beyond awful. doing the whole "losing my mind on an ego trip" is very hard. "married to a lady she wants my babies" etc. come on. it's hard to do the whole "ego trip" and i respect you trying it but you missed on it and that's ok."
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