Everything Everything - Re-Animator
Sep 11, 2020 (updated Sep 11, 2020)
Over the past year I’ve come to be a pretty big fan of this band. Their albums Get To Heaven and Arc are easily two of my most listened to albums this year. Especially the former for its very visceral, almost math rock inspired grooves being fused with a great sense of melody and a talent for songwriting. While the follow up to this record A Fever Dream wasn’t amazing I still had hope that EE would come back with a vengeance on their new record. It certainly seemed that way with the very dramatic and larger than life “In Birdsong”. A song with a very linear structure and catchy refrain. The instrumental progression of the song almost reminds me of one of James Blake would do on his first album. I also enjoyed the very groovy and catchy “Arch Enemy” for its weird lyrics and soaring chorus. The guitar solo at the end is eargasmic. I was also impressed with “Violent Sun” because of its driving groove and amazing chorus. Maybe the best one on this record. It sounds like one of Muse’s more recent tracks but y’know, actually good. However I was severely underwhelmed by “Planets”. And that’s mostly how I felt with the rest of the record. A lot of these songs are catchy. But I seriously can’t help but feel like EE could be doing so much better or I feel the song is brought down by either questionable production choices and/or messy songwriting. Namely on tracks like “Black Hyena” and “Big Climb”. The former of which is pretty catchy and pretty tight for most of the song but the “guitar solo” at the end just sounds absolutely hideous in the mix. I’m pretty sure they really messed with the EQ on this guitar but with all the synths and varying instrumentation it just sounds awful. The latter has more of a songwriting issue for me as the transitions from the verses to the chorus’ are super confusing as the vibe completely changes when the chorus starts. But then it goes back. Now this may be a contextual thing as much of this song discusses large corporations and the way they deal with issues in the world, mostly climate change. The chorus lyric is literally “Not afraid that it’ll kill us yeah, we are afraid that it wont”. I will give this record one thing is that comparing this record to the lyrics of their past. This is easily their most socially conscious. This isn’t really enough to sell the song for me though. The band does indulge in a few art rock/Radiohead inspired jams on songs like “It Was A Monstering” and “Moonlight”. Which may be a little too derivative for my taste but I will say the former does the Radiohead sound pretty nicely. So in conclusion I’m not really head over heels for this album. Some catchy tunes here and there. I enjoyed the singles for the most part. I just feel like instrumentally they could’ve gone so much further.

Favorite Tracks - Arch Enemy, In Birdsong, Violent Sun, (maybe Big Climb)
Least Fav - Black Hyena
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