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Primitive Man - Immersion
Aug 17, 2020
Doom metal outfit Primitive Man have returned for another record. If there’s any doom metal band that has come out in the 2010s and peaked my interest the most it has to be this band. Mostly because I think their last full length album “Caustic” is easily one of the best metal albums of the last decade. While it is incredible drawn out and occasionally tedious. The vibe of the record is just so brutal, so consistently powerful. The overwhelming feeling the band gives off is amazing. Now while this new project “Immersion” is just half as long. The band still delivers some really solid tracks here. I love the brutal slowness of “The Lifer”. It’s kind of confusing as the first track of the album but the song is actually pretty dynamic. “Menacing” is easily my favorite track here for the speedy blast beats and it’s amazing brutality. This song does not let up for its entire 8 minute runtime. As well as the closing track “Consumption” which is maybe the most groovy song here as it has a slow but steady drum groove and one of the more tuneful vocal appearances. “♾” is actually a pretty solid noise piece too. It’s just on a couple tracks where I feel like the songs aren’t really adding all that much to the album. These tracks make this 35 minute experience feel like 50 as they aren’t really coming up with any new ideas here. Especially on “Foul” where it is just so incredibly one note and it’s 7 minute runtime doesn’t help. I also just wish “Entity” was longer. But overall I came out enjoying this album. It doesn’t live up to Caustic but it most definitely feels like a worthy addition to the PM discography.
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