AOTY 2023
The Life - I Would Do Anything For Love
Ever since The Life's music has graced my ears the sound has enticed me greatly by its infectious take on baggy pop rock. I don't think I went a week this year not listening to "Strong Spirits" or "Grace" at least once, which only made me more stoked for the debut EP. While the EP takes some funny moves towards the industrial tinge of "The Sprawl", I can confidently say that I like most of this thing and it maintains what is so good about the project in the first ... read more
The Beta Band - The Three E.P.'s
No John Cusack. This is almost as good as you say
Dua Lipa - Houdini
End of the song says it all
Tonto's Expanding Head Band - Zero Time
They finished this album and shook hands in agreement: “let’s fucking go”
The Voidz - Flexorcist
While less bold than the goth fury of 'Prophecy of the Dragon', "Flexorcist" shows its appeal in its embrace of cliches and the relative atonality of Voidz harmony. Really catchy tune and a good vibe for any commute 🔥

note: kicks more ass live

bar italia - The Twits
the band's ability to constantly hit with catchy hooks is ridiculous, and just like their last record, The Twits is fit with some of the nicest and most interesting production in modern rock.
Jane Remover - Census Designated
The ambition is there, and I see the vision. However, I think some of the sweetness usually associated with this genre is absent in Jane Remover's approach, and the record could certainly use more groove and differentiation across tracks. While it is a likable vibe, nothing here is particularly catchy or entrancing, rather it feels like some good guitar tones and a semi-shoegazy atmosphere. I can tell Jane really put her heart into this one and the ambition doesn't go unnoticed, and the songs ... read more
Green Day - The American Dream Is Killing Me
looks like they put effort into this album... just a little bit
guitar solo fucking rocks tho
blink-182 - ONE MORE TIME...
Tom Delonge being back clearly has its benefits as this album is way more clever and tolerable than the band’s last 3 records. However this record is still hindered by some glaring production flaws and it becomes basically unbearable by the end. From the brick-wall compression to the grating pitch correction to the trigger infested drum sound, this record creates a flaw in nearly every song. However, I find some parts of this record to be enjoyable, especially the pop-punk perfection on ... read more
IDLES & LCD Soundsystem - Dancer
totally weird approach to nearly everything in this song: the mix, vocal approach... the composition? Pretty sick actually and love the guitars in the verse.
Troye Sivan - Something To Give Each Other
Surprisingly not the “Troye Sivan show” as Troye feels way more conjoined and one with the music than he has been in the past. It might just be the case because it’s way more of an emphasis on house grooves, but his ability to adapt to the grooves as well as write catchy hooks over most of the songs here make for a really gratifying run of tunes. Some fall into the bloomhole but those are few and far between amongst the bangers.
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Theia / The Silver Cord / Set
Was hoping for more of a Kraftwerkification but I love the direction still, stoked to hear these as fully extended jams too.
Wilco - Cousin
Wilco, a band I officially deemed as one stuck in the void of old age after their 80 minute “Cruel Country” slog, have come back with their best record since the 2000s. With the help of Cate Le Bon, (whose last record is great), Cousin is immaculately produced. While it is arguable that the record starts a bit slow, every song past the great single “Evicted” is an indie rock firework show. Notably, the dynamic and punchy title track, the stunning keyboard infused ... read more
Oneohtrix Point Never - Again
Can't sing his praises enough. This guy knows his way around sound
Bleachers - Modern Girl
Bleachers, in their most “band” form yet deliver essentially “Take The Sadness…” 2.0. Nearly everything is exaggerated here: Jack’s vocal confidence, more dynamic production, way more emphasis towards horns, and more power in the tune. Super excited to hear this record, as Jack is presenting a more powerful tune and production than some of his influences at this point.
The National - Laugh Track
Contains less offensive moments than their “Frankenstein” album earlier this year, but the lack of offensiveness trades for a heaping helping of bleak, monotone, unambitious sound for an hour straight.
Sprain - The Lamb as Effigy
Olivia Rodrigo Better
James Blake - Playing Robots into Heaven
Mr Blake has never sounded more in control of his sound.
Olivia Rodrigo - GUTS
Has 0 business being this fire.
Jeff Rosenstock - HELLMODE
Jeff delivers on the most consistent and well-rounded rock album of the year so far. While he's always been more successful than most in the pop-punk field, "Hellmode" sees him innovating on his own craft, simultaneously gathering a heavier but also more of a songwriter edge. Not a single song feels too long, the production is as crisp as it should be for a rock record, and the guitar playing is maybe the best it's been on any of his records.
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On The Smile - A Light for Attracting Attention
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