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Nov 9, 2019
bbno$ really vibibn' fr tho

I first found out about bbno$ through the Yung Gravy song "Early Afternoon Stroll." I never really bothered to check him out at the time, that was until "Lalala" dropped. "Lalala," has become one of my favorite songs of the year because of just how fun it is. Y2K's production matches perfectly with bbno$'s laid-back flow throughout the track. I then listened to a few other songs by him, in which I also enjoyed all of those a lot. ... read more
Nov 2, 2019
If you don't want to hear me making fun of a kid, click away, but IMO, children are not exempt from criticism.

I'm gonna test my will this month, not only with no nut november, but with the fact that I'm gonna listen to a random Flex Entertainment project every day throughout the month. Either I'm gonna get legitimately fun and enjoyable music, or I'm gonna get this schlock.

Wild Wes 2 is a horrible excuse at a conscious hip-hop mixtape. Throughout the entirety of the project, Wild Wes ... read more
Nov 2, 2019
Kid Phang proves himself to be one of the most fun and most talented members of Flex Entertainment

My main issue with his debut project, Interstellar 11, was the fact that I think it went on for too long. Some of the songs could have been cut, and it would have made the project a lot more enjoyable. That's not to say I didn't like it, however. Interstellar 11 introduced us to how fun, talented, and versatile Kid Phang really is, and overall I thought the project as a whole was alright, and ... read more
Oct 24, 2019
I'll keep this insanely brief
Niggas On The Mood - 75/100
Jenny Death - 95/100

I go into detail on both halves separately, so please go check those out.

Overall, I like Niggas On The Moon, but sonically, it doesn't blow my mind. However, I love the cryptic lyrics on there, and the minimal production balances out really well with it. It's a more lyrically heavy album which I have no problem with, but the project didn't exactly blow me away, but I still really like it. Jenny Death, on the ... read more
Oct 23, 2019
Niggas on the Moon is the first half of the double-LP, The Powers That B. Even though it's on the same album as the second half, Jenny Death, the two halves are extremely different sonically. While Jenny Death goes for a raw, primal, and depressive approach to the music, Niggas on the Moon goes for a more minimalist, glitchy, electronic sound. It's one of their most minimalist sounding albums that they've released. Nevertheless, Niggas on the Moon is filled to the brim with Death grip's ... read more
Jul 4, 2019
multiples of 5 master race
Jun 7, 2019
You hating on my latest album cover?
Jun 5, 2019
For those wondering, yes I am actually Yung Schmoobin
Jun 2, 2019
Are you actually Yung Schmoobin?
May 11, 2019
Jul 23, 2018
Hey bich follow me
Jun 24, 2018
Hey, I'm new here, yay. I usually review music on Twitter, but I think I'm gonna transition to this website
I only rate albums by fives because I can't decide on anything else (0,5,10,15,etc)
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