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You ever hear Weird Al sing this? On his 2011 record, Alpocalypse, he includes a classic Polka medley of several hit songs throughout the past few years, which is commonplace in Weird Al records. This time, he includes the song "Replay," by Iyaz, and when I heard Weird Al sing "Shawty like a melody in my head," I knew we reached the peak of humanity. There is no going up, only down.
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Remember when this dude collaborated with Cherdleys?

So this is Oliver Tree's debut record, Ugly is Beautiful, and I guess it's not all that new, knowing that apparently this record has been just sitting around for three years, and the release of this record was constantly delayed by Oliver's record label until he was "famous," enough to release it. Instead, his label made him drop EP's and countless singles instead, and constantly trying to push "Alien Boy." This just ... read more
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This that real K-pop! None of that BTS bullcrap! This is where it's at, folks!

Crumbling by Mid-Air Thief is yet another record that I've known about and loved for a while, but have neglected to publish my thoughts on. If I'm being honest, even though I really like this record, Crumbling isn't an album I listen to that often. It's very lush and wonderful in it's production, and it's something that I can really only enjoy every once in a while. It's very progressive in it's sound as well, ... read more
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Mr. President, where did it all start?

I finally decided to do a Kanye West discography dive, since now is a good of a time as ever. Kanye West has recently stated that he is running for President of the United States (while typing this out, I read that he claims he dropped out), which of course got him a lot of publicity, positive and negative. Politics aside, with this news, Kanye West is in the public eye more than ever, and I thought it would be the perfect time to finally go through his ... read more
Schmoobin -
As with the first Flex Gang tape review, I don't wanna sound really biased, but what I say is the honest truth about this record.

I think that Flex Entertainment has improved a lot, and in my eyes I think that expanding outside of meme rap is a very good thing. Some of the more serious cuts like "Ben Killed Jerry,' "I Am A Rockstar," and "You Know," are actually some of my favorite songs to come out of Flex Entertainment. As for the meme songs on here, I have the ... read more
Aug 11, 2020
Aug 9, 2020
What do you think is the most underrated album of all time? This is for a list.
Jul 24, 2020
Low-key tired of writing reviews. IMO they're coming off as very repetitive and monotonous. Might just start only cataloging
Jun 25, 2020
dios..... Yung Gravy
Jun 19, 2020
Hiya! I'm new to the site and wanted to know, what's your favorite album to cook to? Not for a list, just for my own curiosity! :3
Apr 22, 2020
What's your biggest guilty pleasure album? (mmmm yes for a list, this is)
Jul 4, 2019
multiples of 5 master race
I made a thing and people like it

I only rate albums by fives because I can't decide on anything else (0,5,10,15,etc)

No reviews cause they've gotten quite boring and monotonous for me
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