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slowthai - UGLY
Mar 3
Kelela - Raven
Feb 10

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Kelela - Raven
The album cover fits so perfectly with how I felt during this whole experience of an album. I was drowning in the blissful production and loving every second of it. Can we also talk about how nice and smooth but subtle the transitions are, they truly tied this album together like a ribbon on a birthday present. Words can't even describe how I felt going through this album, yes the 1hr 2m runtime may seem daunting but if you are patient with the album and each song you will be greatly ... read more

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Kyuss - Welcome to Sky Valley
I sadly did not get the chance to review this album in "the way it's intended" but I did listen to it and would like to share my thoughts. This album is a pretty solid metal album, it's funny, heavy, and very energetic but sometimes it does veer off the road it's traveling on if you get what I mean. At times I was completely into the charm of this album and I was really having a great time, the good songs really hit and the bad songs aren't bad at all but just barely pass under the ... read more
Aphex Twin - Richard D. James Album
The Richard D. James album by the one and only Aphex Twin is a hyper trip through the mind of the leader of IDM and it is insanely addicting. It's as close to pop as Aphex Twin could touch and it's still so far from it. It's bubbly and sparky production makes each song a new piece of ear candy for the listener, and the album is barely over 30 minutes so it's super easy to replay as well. With this album I feel like Aphex Twin as perfectly earned the role as the most consistently good ... read more
Björk - Medúlla
Medulla is technically an A Cappella album but follows a very different approach to the genre, by making everything with vocals in a very Bjork style. It can be intense like on Where Is the Line? and it can be calm on Vökuró. Will this album work for everyone? Absolutely not, this project will be very hit or miss for a lot of people even myself. I am completely impressed by the music even if I do not connect with it as well as other people. I think this album struggles the most ... read more
Patrice Rushen - Straight from the Heart
When I booted up this album I didn't expect to hear those signature claps at the beginning, but that also made me curious how well this album would stand up on it's own with Forget Me Nots. I should get this out of the way now but some of these songs drag on far too long, I think this album could have been in the 30 minutes range if the unnecessary bits were cut out. This is not one of the strongest soul albums I've heard and I'd go as far to even call it very boring at times. It struggles ... read more
Kool Keith - Black Elvis/Lost in Space
What a funky little thing this album is, it is so weirdly intriguing. The beats and rapping is so lo-fi and cool almost in a super confident kind of way. The first half is extremely consistent and just a good time while not being anything amazing or exciting, but after the interlude I think things start getting a bit weird. Something weird happened after the Intro 2, the same weird signature style just didn't work as much anymore. It felt like Keith was just throwing random things out ... read more


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50 is fine
40 is eh
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20 is not good
10 is bad
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