Gal Costa - Gal Costa
Jul 24, 2023
Wow, I just realized we hit 200 followers. I haven't even been on this platform for a full year yet and I couldn't be more thankful of all the people I have met in the past 7 months I have been here. In that time I have completed over 30 separate discographies, rated over 1,000 separate items, and been an active member in the community every single day I've been here. I am usually a very reclusive person that only really likes to put myself out there online. This site has given me something to look forward to doing every day in a time where it is really hard to get up in the mornings. Whether I am marking done one song for the day or 7 albums each day I come on here and express my true unfiltered thoughts on things that I listen to. For everyone that likes my reviews or is just along for the ride I couldn't thank you all enough. You guys really mean the world to me so thank you for all of you who support this page and any of my other socials. On to the review...

Gal Costa's 1969 debut is a rambunctious trip back to the 60's that manages to blend so many different sounds onto one project and seem so ahead of its' time. Each song has its' own unique flavor and taste ranging from Jazz to Rock to whatever else you can think of Gal does it. I should also mention this album is in Portuguese and I may not be able to understand the words but I can clearly understand the feelings and energy this album gives off perfectly. It is so colorful and full of experimentation left and right with Gal coasting through all of it like a knife through butter. This project may be short but it packs a whole lot of variety into its' tracklist. Truly some top notch 60s experimentalism that has very much stood the test of time for not only its' era but in general.

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