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Scre4meh -
Before reviewing this amazing body of work, i'd like to thank a lot of people that have been supporting me recently and that i deeply respect as my homies. Thanks to @TomBejoy, @Cry, @eliiscool4 (sorry if i botched that), @Chode, @DoubleZ, @Stal, @Nightwing_714 (also most likely botched,but still shout out to the greatest raccon) @reedybdeedy, @ParthanyJobtano, @nicoperagine, @Docky, @cakenator, @August, @BGL13 and many others that i might've forgotten to put in here. Thanks for 900!!! Also, ... read more

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Scre4meh -
Wow, i finally did it. Thank for 1000 followers, i honestly never thought i'd reach this number. I still remember when i first found the site and started listening to a lot of shitty trap and rap that i was somehow enjoying back then. I think i was in that nobody zone for a year snd a half, and that's until i met Tom, Matt and the others that made the DC server. That was when i actually started getting followers (through the secret praised method). After that i made a lot of cool friends here ... read more
Scre4meh -
Iconic since their early days...

Outkast are 100% some of the artists' that I've been meaning to listen to completely for a long time now. Everybody loves them and that's for a reason, they are legit icons that impacted the rap game like none other, with their weird, but very sophisticated flows, their top tier rhyme schemes and the overall sense of energy and fun they emanate the moment you hear them perform. Their name couldn't be more precise. They are outcasts, flying far away from most of ... read more
Scre4meh -
Big Boi shouldn't be overshadowed by Andre. I mean, i guess Andre is probably better, but they are both equally important and amazing at what they go. They both have similar faster and bouncy flows backed up by unconventional but very cool production all over their appearances that took place during their active time as Outkast. In terms of discography, they also pretty much have the same one, except Big Boi has a few solo projects that are also damn good and unique.

This album is, for sure, ... read more
Scre4meh -
This is on par with the first saturation or the second. Third one is still better. But this is a fun fucking album. I hope the next one really isn't their last and they are just marketing it that way. I'd hate to see that.
Scre4meh -
Lil Tjay returns with his second studio album, and yes, it is definetly destined 2 win.

I cannot understand the low score here. I feel like the hate simply derives just from the fact that this is a trap rap/melodic trap release. I mean, there's no other aspect that i find "hateable" on it. There's plenty of genuinely good vocals, overall improvements on his style and a lot of emotion involved into his lyrics, much more of that then in his debut, which i sorta still find equal to this ... read more


Apr 16, 2021
1k dude congrats
Apr 16, 2021
Apr 15, 2021
I was your thousandth follow lol
Apr 15, 2021
Hey, I'm doing a community list of songs to hypothetically replace the U.S. National Anthem, would love to hear what your suggestion is and why you think it's deserving of anthem status (you don't need an explanation, but it would be nice :))

link to the list in question:
Apr 12, 2021
Apr 11, 2021
Never forget how amazing you are. Lots of love from the bottom of my heart. Have a wonderful day :D
Apr 6, 2021
Added to the list, ty for answering :)
Apr 4, 2021
Hey. What’s your favorite debut album? (can be from any genre)
It’s for my next list, thanks in advance if you decide to answer! :)
Mar 31, 2021
come bac
Mar 31, 2021
I haven't heard any of these album surprisingly lol, thank you so much for the suggestions for my trap list, helps a lot! Hope you're having a great day! :)


I am the greatest reviewer...

If you don't count everyone else on the site.

I still make my girl listen to a lot of trash.

My GF: theaxx 💎 💜❤️

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