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Oct 31, 2020
Thanks for the 200 followers. Love you,guys. I decided to pick this album since some friends recommended it to me and i also knew this is gonna be perfect for my celebration. So yea,this review is a little more detailed (still,don't expect genius level review lol).

"I used to laugh at myself about how,as a woman,your story is often attached to the narrative of a man" ~ twigs
MAGDALENE by FKA Twigs is her 2nd studio album and,quite frankly,a masterpiece full of vulnerable vocals,amazing production and a big burst of various emotions,mostly sad ones. It features a lot of top tier producers like Nicolas Jaar,Skrillex etc. as well as Future and it is inspired by the story of Mary Magdalene from the Bible. I felt like doing a more in-depth special review,so here's a long summary of my thoughts on each song from the album. I wrote them as i listened to the album,with little research after they ended,so expect it to be messy.

The album starts with 'thousand eyes' which really gives me Bjork vibes,the outro of the song is also really beautiful,really eerie vibe. This track got me feeling lonely for some reason (glad i got my gf with me hah) and i just felt euphoric asf when listening to it. It's already one of my favourite intros. It's really spacey and it adds up to the religious theme from the title (it really gives off that church vibe,idk),and Jaar really does a good job with his production here. The second track, 'home with you' is another story. This tracks is really sad and when i heard the backstory of it with the tumors it made it even worse. It's definetly more raw and more emotional then any other track on the album and i can really tell why. She shows how strong she is and yea,the strings are the end combined with her intensifying vocals just makes it really really sad. I'm glad that she probably recovered from that. I love this track for the burst of emotions that it makes me feel. Also the constant switches of tone sounds really badass. The third track, 'sad day', features benny blanco,Skrillex and Jaar on the production,as well as really vulnerable twigs vocals. For some reason,it makes me feel both happy and sad at the same time,so it's really hard to explain it. The song is really dramatic and dark and her vocals help with setting the tone really well. It's slightly not as good as the first two,but it's still fucking amazing.
The fourth track 'holy terrain' comes in with a surprising feature,Future, who actually does a really good job portraying the possible man for twigs (the story of the song being twigs looking for a lover). The song also features a dark trap beat (those beat samples are the shit) that perfectly match twigs' eerie vocals from the chorus. Overall,it's a really cool track that offers up more variety for the already diversified album. Track 5, 'mary magdalene' is one of my favourite songs of all time. It's the most explicit take on the religious inspiration of the album, which is Mary Magdalene,a follower of Jesus,often portrayed/perceived as a prostitute instead of a follower. The production from Nicolas Jaar,Cashmere Cat,benny,Noah and twigs herself is absolutely unreal,especially towards the end. It made me feel like ascending to Heaven. It's just unreal. Vocals are also just heavenly. Track 6, 'fallen alien' is,as she herself describes it, "a medieval march through the destruction of a relationship",and it sure as hell sounds like that. I mean,she sounds really mad in this track and the lyrics do point that out. This is definetly the most energetic track yet and Jaar does an amazing job with the production. The choir sample is so good and the whole beat is really agressive,making you feel like beating someone up tbh. Fun track. The 7th track, 'mirrored heart', is a song about loneliness and her short term relationships. It's just her judging her lovers for pursuing her for a short time (i believe she does say thats their way of coping with pain) ,as well as coping with her being lonely,not able to find a match for herself. It's a really sad song,but i really could not relate to it so it didn't affect me as much,but i can understand where it comes from. Good production from Koreless too. The second to last track, 'death bed' features a lot of juxtapositions as she discusses about her struggles with depression. It's a slow,but melancholic track and she personifies her 'daybed' with possessiveness,representing the fact that she feels immobilized by her depression. I liked it,but i do think it's not as good as the other tracks. The last track, 'cellophane' (also the lead single) is a track about her relationship with actor Robert Pattinson and their breakup due to some stupid fans. This tracks message leads me to believe that her loneliness only came from this abrupt breakup,which makes it all the more sadder. It's also a piano ballad. Really heartbreaking message. This albums is amazing.

No pun for this one. Really sad album. I really hope she is getting better after all the shit she talked about in the album.
Fav Tracks: all
Least Fav: n/a

My GF Score: 89/100
1). thousand eyes (prod. Nicolas Jaar) 10/10
2). home with you 10/10
3). sad day (prod. Nicolas Jaar,Benny Blanco,Skrillex) 9.5/10
4). holy terrain (prod. twigs,Jack Antonoff,Skrillex) ft. Future 8.5/10
5). mary magdalene (prod. Noah Goldstein,Cashmere Cat,benny blanco,twigs,Nicolas Jaar) 10/10
6). fallen alien (prod. Nicolas Jaar,twigs) 9/10
7). mirrored heart (prod. Koreless,twigs) 8.5/10
8). daybed (prod. Oneohtrix Point Never,twigs) 8/10
9). cellophane (prod. Twigs,Jeff Kleinman,Michael Uzowuru) 10/10

damn i actually didn't realize Michael uzowuru produced cellophane
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