Migos - Culture III
Jun 11, 2021
If you actually think this is as bad as Culture 2 or even remotely bad then i really can't trust you anymore lmao. Also, if you're really going to point out some stupid lyrics and call that a good reason for this not being good, then just shut the fuck up homie. Cuz that would essentially call many classics trash.

Migos' return to former glory is finally here. And it's worth it. Not only they don't fuck around and make shitty songs or anthems, but they deliver a fresh batch of refreshing, chemistry-filled trap bangers that Hip-Hop, in general, needed.

I really don't have anything bad to talk about here. Aside what? 2-3 songs? Everything else slaps abd puts me in a very happy and hyped-up state. This record really had me rapping with it, and that didn't happen since God-knows when. I didn't have as much fun with a trap album in a long time, and that alone can justify it as a perfect Migos release.

One of the main problems i had with Culture 2, besides the fucked-up length and some weird fucking track choices, was that it really didn't present a good classic Migos energy and flow. Surely, it had it's moments, but the pace on that mf was horrible. It just didn't feel like them. This trilogy-ender, however, showcases one of the most Migos vibe there has ever been. They sound just as hungry as when they dropped the first one, if not hungrier. They knew what kind of bad mistake Culture 2 was and they wanted to fix it. They've learned from their mistakes.

Their individual performances are great. Quavo is back from the smelly slump he was in lately, Takeoff is finally gonna get some recognition for his smooth flows and his undeniably important parts, and Offset is Offset, an unstoppable flowing cunt (he's basically the train from GTA). All of them alone were amazing on this, but when you add 'em all up into a shared performance, they really sound so much better. They nailed the teamwork for this. The features are also really good.

Everything else aside, some credit should really be given to the production on this album. Apart from some rare times when the beat felt somewhat bland, every single beat they chose for this is insane. They use trumpets, flutes and all sorts of shit that makes their flow sound better. Props to Durel, OZ, Buddah, Pooh, Sool, Murda, 808 Melo for creating these masterpieces.


That's about all, now, these are some of my favourite tracks that really hit the right spot: Avalanche, Straighten, Malibu, Type Shit, Antisocial, Picasso, Birthday, Time for Me, Need It, Light It Up...

Stop the trap hate. 🔫


GF Score: 7.4/10
Scre4meh's Tags
Jun 11, 2021
Exactly this album is such a return to form
Jun 11, 2021
Preach! Wish Zaytoven was more present here tho, I miss him :(
Jun 12, 2021
people kind of pretencious in this site sometimes
Jun 13, 2021
how do you like Antisocial ? It's just not good
Jun 16, 2021
Then don’t trust Fantano (which is honestly really easy to do)
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