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Trippie Redd - Pegasus
Nov 2, 2020
Before i start talking about the album,i want to take a look at this beautiful cover where Trippie shows off his beautiful body. I guess he stopped eating them burgers look at that perfect body of his. Truly a Pegasus riding Sun God. He out here making Ra look like a puny human.

"Only in your ocean you call me Ho-seidon"
"Yeah,my big D I C C gives that bitch good mornings"
"I beat that kitty up while she snoring"
"You fuck with shitlin ass nibbas,you fuck with pork"
~Trippie Redd
Trippie's new album, 'Pegasus' is one long-ass album to go through. This thing has 26 tracks (not to mention it has different versions with even more fucking tracks) and a runtime of over an hour (seems like he was busy while in quarantine). Whilst it does have some bangers and cooler tracks sprinkled around in it's runtime,most of the other songs are either filler,throwaways or just pure trash at times. The good ones are also sprinkled up with a lot of bad tracks in-between so a lot of people probably didn't even reach the middle of the album and i don't blame them for doing that. I might be one of the only brave soldiers to tackle this thing on face first and listen to each song. Talking about the songs,most of them have a RnB Trap Rap style to them and they do vary a lot,but most times not in a good way. There is little amounts of the old Trippie in this album,so his turn into a full-on average RnB trapper is still not there. He still has his old flair at times. Production is also handled by a lot of different producers but those with the most appearances are mainly ChopsquadDJ (who actually does a good job),OZ,Hammad Beats and a bunch of other people. The features are in a there in a big number and they definetly vary in quality,some of them being complete trash (Mosey) while others carrying their songs (Young Thug). There are no songs i would rate over 7/10. So anyways,here's a long summary of all the tracks and how i feel about each and every single one of them. Enjoy my bashing,and in rare cases,my praises.

The album opens up with 'Let It Out' (1),an full-on RnB song featuring Myiah Lynnae (who is also features on the outro with some background vocals). This intro isn't anything amazing,but it's solid enough and much better then a lot of other songs featured on the album. 'Moonlight' (2) is a song that feels more like the usual Trippie we are used to see. The beat is cool enough and Trippie's vocals are definetly in his usual style. Decent follow-up. 'Love Scars 4' (3) is a song i was particularly interested in since i've always liked this series of songs. The track ended being solid enough,featuring a more cutsey best then it's predecessors. It has the worst structure on the album,it's just awful,but at least the bridge is oddly catchy. 'The Nether' (4) (hope it's a MC ref lol) features a really good 808 intro from OZ after which a cool unknown sample combines itself in the beat,while Trippie raps instead of singing and offers the best song so far on this "album". 'So Stressed' (5) is an atmospheric RnB-ish song that features a pretty unnecessary feature,because Trippie already delivers a solid verse and good chorus,but at least Yung LB doesn't suck and he fits the song really well. From the beginning until track 6,the songs keep a pretty good consistency,but then disaster strikes. 'Excitement' (6) has possibly the worst feature on the album with PARTYNEXTDOOR sounding like Travis Scott after being kicked in the throat. Trippie doesn't do anything better and he calls himself "Ho-seidon",but at least his melody doesn't suck ass. If you thought this was bad,next track, 'Mood' (7) features God himself,Chris Brown who at least doesn't sound bad,but his chorus is still really uninspired and bad,while Trippie doesn't do much on his part neither. The song is just too short to be salvageable and it just feels like it's unfinished and a way of Trippie to get more clicks. 'Pegasus' (8) a TITLE track,feels like a cheap Roddy Ricch copy and a shitty throwaway,so i don't even need yo trash any more then that. It just fucking sucks. Worst title track ever. 'Weeeee' (9) has the worst fucking chorus melody i have ever seen. The beat and verse are actually fire (altough the rhyme scheme sucks). If the chorus wouldn't've been so awful i would've liked this one so much more. Ruined potential since that verse is the most effort he gave in this album. Personal Favourite (10) finally breaks the shitty song ear kill streak with a catchy hook,an obviously freestyled Trippie verse and an actual cool Rich The Kid verse,which is rarer then a four-leaf clover,although this has some weird noticeable mixing. V-12 (11) has some nice spacey production from Starboy and Psymun and an agressive Trippie. The song is just decent but i dig the energy of the verse. Spaceships (12) has Young Thug,who easily carries the song in a more laid-back beat from ATL Jacob. The RnB-ish Thugger always hits. It's one of the better tracks of the album (not that it says much tbf). Never Change (13) with Future & like 6 producers is quite disappointing and boring. Average track,not much to mention about it. The beat is really mediocre considering that many people worked on it (including Mally Mall). Good Morning (14) is the worst track of the album and just has disgusting lyrics. The beat is wasted on this stupid song. No Honorable Mention (15) features some really energetic Trippie and Quavo on an pretty good beat. There might not be honorable mentions here,but Mosey is just a dishonorable one. I Got You (16) with Busta Rhymes is a pretty nostalgic trip and the second sample i've heard of Busta & Mariah's classic hit. The song did grew off of me since it's release,but it's still decent enough compared to most of the other tracks. Too Fly (17) has a cool Future interpolation from his 'Monster' track called '2Pac'. The song is really average so there really isn't much to say about it. Second verse sucks. 'Red Beam' (18) has a cool spacey beat,a decent catchy hook and Sean Kingston for the only verse of the song. He sounds cool enough,although his mixing is pretty bad. 'Oomps Revenge Pt.2' (19) is the sequel to the song from his debut album. It is one of the few rapping songs on the album and the beat is kinda similar to the previous song,since i was really not able to deduce i went into another track while listening to it. It is decent enough and more serious then the usual Trippie. 'Take One' (20) is another solo effort that features classic 808s from Nick Mira. That's the only somewhat interesting fact about it. The rest is just average shit from Trippie. 'Sleepy Hollow'
(21) probably has the best energetic beat on here and one of the better Trippie choruses. It's a really spacey beat and Trippie gives us some more classic Trippie shit. 'Kid That Didd' (22) is the hardest track on the album. Future and Doe Boy kill it even though the mixing is just awful on the track. Trippie's chorus is really effective and his voice changes sound better here. He also has the best flow on the album so far. 'Don' (23) has a more dramatic beat from Chopsquad with some cool synths in the background. Everything else is just meh. The transition to 'Hell Rain' is cool enough. 'Hell Rain' (24) has a more lo-fi vibe to it,a vibe that definetly doesn't match Lil Wayne whatsoever,hence his verse just sounds weird. Hoodybaby is also bad on this one and Trippie is just meh. Bad track,the only reason why this made it in the album is the features probably. TR666 (25) is an older song from Trippie that finally came to light,also the first Swae Lee/Redd collab yet. The vibe of the song is cool and it matches Swae really well,unlike track 24. The hook is oddly catchy and the repetitiveness Trippie uses is hypnotizing enough to get me hooked in. The outro of the album, 'Sun God' is pretty bad. While the vocals from Myiah Lynnae are cool,the rest just feels really cheap,from the guitar to his vocals. The album has a lot of flaws and songs that really shouldn't exist. The amount of bad quality gaps and terrible mixing is a huge turnoff.

And that's it. God,my hands hurt,it took me hours to listen and write. Trippie seems to have a really bad consistency when it comes to his albums and that may lead to his fall-off,but so far he has proven to have enough talent to help himself up when something like this happens (bad album),the main example being '!' which was a big piece of shit of an album. At the end of the day,i will still like Trippie since he does offer some good bangers from time to time.
Fav Tracks: Sleepy Hollow,Kid That Didd,Red Beam,So Stressed,Personal Favourite,The Nether,Spaceships
Least Fav: Good Morning,Mood,Hell Rain,Sun God,Excitement,Pegasus,Weeeee

My GF Score: 40/100
1). Let It Out (prod. Oscar Zulu,Nik D,LVNDVN,OZ) ft. Myiah Lynnae 6.5/10
2). Moonlight (prod. Oscar Zulu,Hammad Beats) 6/10
3). Love Scars 4 (prod. Oscar Zulu,Hammad Beats) 6.5/10
4). The Nether (prod. Frano,Oz) 7/10
5). So Stressed (prod. Stoopid Lou,Oscar Zulu,Hammad Beats) ft. Yung LB 7/10
6). Excitement (prod. OZ,Nik D,Deats) ft. PND 4/10
7). Mood (prod. Lastnight,Dinuzzo,Goose The Guru) ft. Chris Brown 3/10
8). Pegasus (prod. Oscar Zulu,Hammad Beats) 3/10
9). Weeeeee (prod. Loaded) -3/10
10). Personal Favourite (prod. CHASETHEMONEY,Heavy Mellow) ft. Rich The Kid 7/10
11). V-12 (prod. Psymun,Distance Decay,RipSquad,Starboy) 6/10
12). Spaceships (prod. ATL Jacob) ft. Young Thug 7/10
13). Never Change (prod. Lastnght,Lateef Garrett,Justice League,Eesean Bolden,1993,Dinuzzo,Mally Mall) ft. Future
14). Good Morning (prod. ChopsquadDJ) 2/10
15). No Honorable Mention (prod. ChopsquadDJ,FaatKiid,RMG Nu,Xeryus) ft. Quavo,Lil Mosey 6/10
16). I Got You (prod. Wheezy) ft. Busta Rhymes 6/10
17). Too Fly (prod. Mario Petersen,LNKmusic,Hammad Beats) 4.5/10
18). Red Beam (prod. Nik D,Deats,OZ) ft. Sean Kingston 7/10
19). Oomps Revenge Pt.2 (prod. Hammad Beats,Oscar Zulu) -sequel to his first album track,too short,beat kinda similar to red beam 6/10
20). Take One (prod. Nick Mira) -classic nick mira 808s 4.5/10
21). Sleepy Hollow (prod. Outtatown) 7/10
22). Kid That Didd (prod. ChopsquadDJ,CBMIX) ft. Future,Doe Boy 7/10
23). Don (prod. ChopsquadDJ) 5/10
24). Hell Rain (prod. Cardiak) ft. Lil Wayne,HoodyBaby 4/10
25). TR666 (prod. Avedon,Scott Storch) ft. Swae Lee 6.5/10
26). Sun God (prod. Angel Lopez) ft. Myiah Lynnae 4/10

pogasus, nice review
SPECACULAR review!! Love the amount of effort that you put into the review. Super sad that you didn't enjoy Mosey's verse, but hopefully he can satisfy you in the future. Completely agree on most of your thoughts on the album! :)
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