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Björk - Vulnicura
Mar 2, 2021
This is the definition of a breakup album. Where the fuck is Matthew Barney? Prolly hiding with Mario Abusah in the pit of assholes, forgotten by the world. I want to punch him after listening to this. Where is he?

Björk is a legend in the music community, a legend of whose albums i have never listened to, but indeed, a legend. And this proves it. The amount of emotion, of pain and anger that you feel as you sail across this tragic page/story of her life & her breakup with Matthew, which she represents so vividly --to the point of actually feeling what feelings she's sharing-- is almost unbearable & simply too raw to comprehend on first listen (which is why i'll be updating this review after i listen to it more). You need to take your time to understand her painful experiences and the drama she had to go through across almost a year of healing from it.

"Vulnicura", translated roughly from latin means "Healing Wounds", matching the heartbreaking concept of the album. Every single one of the 9 tracks presented on the record, except the last two, portrays a stage of the breakup, or rather, on a bigger scale, the tracklist as a whole serves as a timeline of the life-changing events that occured in a period of almost 2 years.

The record can be observed under three different perspectives: on one side, she is simply coping with the depression that the breakup has caused, on another side, it acts as a revenge act --especially when "Black Lake" kicks in, also called "the 10-minute diss track"--, and, on a final perspective, it can also be seen as a way of being thankful with what she has, her daughter, her mother who survived an almost fatal event, and her voice, which healed perfectly fine after a surgery, marking the album with a sense of hope, that, even if it doesn't outweight the sadness lingering around it, it still gives off a sense of closure.

Bjork's composing on this, almost cinematic, record is outstanding & pure, adding up the the mental weight it with-holds . In other words, all of these aspect that create this legendary masterpiece, form together to hit you straight with the face and maybe make you cry to the heartbreaking sharply written lyrics, resulting in a full bloom of emotion, sadness & angriness. It's a must listen and an experience everyone should be checking out. I can go as far as calling it the best breakup album of all time.

Aaaand cut... Peace. Had fun writing this. Beautiful record.

My GF: 88/100
High 9

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I only liked Mario Judah when DVR was underground. Good review.
goddamn scre4meh going indie kid now???
I needed a breakup album, thank you so much for this reivew/suggestion, I will check it out! :)
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