Viagra Boys - Welfare Jazz
Jan 9, 2021
This is that real HARD rock.

Ignoring my taste lacking "oh sex funni" joke, the new Viagra Boys record and their sophomore album "Wellfare Jazz" is a bumpy ride, at best.

Whilst i have never listened to their debut album from 2018, "Street Worms" , which is probably much better then this one, i thought it sounds quite nice when i first began listening to it. The beggining is just deceiving when compared to the middle of the tracklist, the project spiralling down a boring rabbit whole for most of it's runtime. Ain't Nice" - "This Old Dog" is exactly how the rest of the album should've been, with high energy and charming charisma.

I'm not saying that it lacks energy or charisma completely, but the rest of the tracks, outside of the last one, only showcase a little essence and speck of what we got in the first few songs. "Into The Sun" - "Secret Canine Agent" is a decent middle ground, but it feels like a progressively boring transition into the trio of mid songs that follow. "I Feel Alive" , "Girls & Boys" and "To The Country" are all incredibly mid and long. They aren't bad or anything, but this group failed at being interesting whatsoever. Sure, the album gets instantly saved by the beautiful outro, but that can't erase the lows of it. In the end, even if i'm not satisfied with a bunch of tracks, the highlights are still barely a highlight.

The jazzy combination with their post-punk sound is a really unqie and captivating style that i want a more improved version of . The Swedish band delivers a lot of nice instrumentals and legitimately catchy hooks, no matter how repetitive some are. The vocals are all charismatic and cool sounding, the lead singer having a lot of fun throughout his performances, which carries me when the album gets significantly slower.

As far as i can tell, i like them. Maybe i should listen to their debut and i will most likely do so. They have a lovely charisma and smooth style that i enjoy and i will keep an eye out for their next release, just to see how many improvements they made on this jazz style they are aiming for, because i know they can improve. At least it's fun enough.

My GF Score: 60/100
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Jan 9, 2021
Looking forward to try this album after this review ! Especially the instrumentals you talk about, Thanks :)
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