shame - Drunk Tank Pink
Jan 15, 2021
The first great album released this year!

shame is a UK post-punk band and this is, of course, my introduction to their style and music. The album is... great -- great in every sense of the word. The chemistry, the insane instrumental, the abrasive, mean vocals infused with energy and an intense hunger for creativity and freedom all create new grounds for the band to discover and explore.

As being a relatively new post-punk listener, i won't really compare this to any other albums and projects and instead i'll simply just speak up on my thoughts on the tracks and the overall progression of the LP.

It all kicks off with "Alphabet", setting up the mood with a significantly more laid-back track when compared to, let's say, the latter half of the album. Immediately after the strong intro, the album truly begins it's fun with "Nigel Hitter" & "Born In Luton", both incredibly fun and cool sounding intense instrumentals with really fluid changes throughout the runtime. "March Day", in a weird way of describing it, feels like you are about to take a run on which a lot of events happen behind you, without noticing them, as cartoonish as that sounds. "Water In The Wall" started off as, most likely, my least favourite on the record, but ended up topping most of the other tracks by the end of it, the progression of it being incredibly intense and resulting into an eargasmic outro that just gives you the "fatality". That specific outro leads up into, at the moment, one of my favourite if not my favourite track that was released in 2021 so far, "Snow Day". The four tracks before the outro of the LP are all following the same charming way that the first half sets up on, with exceptions such as "Great Dog", a really short, but amazing track, and "Harsh Degrees", which is my least favourite, even if i love the noisy style of it. The ending is just as outstanding as everything else, "Station Wagon", featuring easily the best progression both in terms of performances and instrumentals: it begins with a casual, slower and calmer start, transition into a poem-like side of it and then ends with an increase of madness, drifting odd into the end.

As far as i can tell, this is the best album so far and i goddamn love it, never falling short and always pumping up with energy and charming intensity. Thematically, it is also really charismatic. With that in mind, there's almost no flaws, the only thing i can point out being maybe a little bit slow, maybe, in the second half, but not really that much, so i'll just ignore that one.

"Drunk Tank Pink" is a fun rollercoaster of energy and i think i'll keep buying tickets to this ride. Much better then Payn.

My GF Score: 60/100
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Jan 15, 2021
Great review!! :)
Jan 15, 2021
u missed katia krow's album as the first great album of the year but it's okay
Jan 15, 2021
@verniers i listened to it and thaught it's good, like a 7/10
Jan 15, 2021
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