Nov 29, 2020
That gotta be the most random outro of the year. I'd say of all time,but maybe that's too extensive. Also R.I.P. to 21's bro,i can't imagine losing and living without my bro, i feel you. ๐Ÿ™

Bad Bunny,now a household name and one of the biggest latin rappers ik the industry,dropped his third album of the year,and possibly his last,and it isn't a bad one. Sure, my man is in love because half of the songs or more are love-themed,but he delivers a good album with some improvements to an extent,especially in the variety and vocals departments. I'd say that this classifies as a pop rap or trap record,since,for the most part,he doesn't really showcase a lot of reggaeton on this one. Lyrically, it isn't the smartest cookie,but sonically,it sounds really good and catchy a lot of times. It doesn't even have a big range of featured artists,but those who got on the project are well-placed and all contribute to the overall enjoyment of the record,i mean,Rosalía kills it at least.

Now, im.gonna be honest and say that Bad Bunny is most likely my favourite latin trapper atm,mostly because he sounds different and better,as well as having quite the charisma. This new album isn't as unnecessary as the surprise one he dropped after "YHLQMDLG" ,which is certainly worse then this,and it has a lot of highlights as well,from the breezy atmospheres to the echoing vocals he shows up with in a bunch of tracks. He genuinely sounds proved,but this is still not as good as YHLQMDLG, which was more influential imo. Booker T is a banger.

Enjoyable,Bad Bunny is not bad,i hope he doesn't quit.
Fav Tracks: Booker T,Antes Que Se Acabe,Yo Visto Así,La Noche De Anoche,Hoy Cobré,Maldita Pobreza,Haciendo Que Me Amas,Trellas,120,La Droga
Least Fav: Te Deseo Lo Mejor,El Mundo Es Mío,DAKITI

Hits: 10/15
Misses: 3/15
My GF Score: 75/100

-EL MUNDO ES MÍO. The intro is quite decent. I didn't like it at first,but it significantly got better after a while, the chorus getting a lot catchier when it came back the second time around. The "ayy" flow in the verse is kinda sluggish,but the verse switches up for a better sound towards the end. Lyrics were mediocre at best.
-TE MUDASTE. Is a more normal reggaeton track with a slight touch of pop rap to it,when it comes to his singing flows. The lyrics are about a broken relationship and memories that cherish the said relationship,even if they are a little mediocre. The beat is more complex then the usual reggaeton beat and it's more light-hearted,perfectly matching the lyrics and singing. The highlight is definetly the outro,the production fading into a more futuristic style for like 30 seconds.
-HOY COBRÉ. This is a trap rap banger. And i mean it. His delivery at the beggining is much more darker then his usual and it mixes up really well with the great dark trap beat that was chosen for it. The aesthetic of the song makes it coiler then the rest i've heard so far. Lyrically,the content of the song are braggadocious and have a really "diss-track" vibe to them.
-MALDITA POBREZA. A pop rap/trap combination,it touches on,umm,poverty and love at the same time. It's more like a story of teo lovers that find themselves in a shitty poor situation and the dreams of "buying her a Ferrari" and richness. It's a cool mix of styles and he kinda nails it well enough to be an enjoyable and likeable song.
-LA NOCHE DE ANOCHE. A traditional reggaeton love song on which Bad Bunny and Rosalía do a beautiful collab and really match each other sonically. It really is my favourite so far,both delivering equally good verses and writing. The outro vocals of Rosalía are angelic af.
-TE DESEO LO MEJOR. Featuring some decent energetic, but falls short immediately due to it being way too unmemorable and boring thematically,being "just" a basi breakup song with a basic guitar beat. Average pop song.
-YO VISTO ASÍ. A more rock-influnced song,"Yo Visto Así" sounds and acts like a Juice WRLD song,but a little more energetic. It's,for sure,one of the better and catchier songs on the album,this style fitting Bad Bunny like a glove. The best is a little messy at times,but it is a good one.
-HACIENDO QUE ME AMAS. Showcasing a more emotional side of Bad Bunny we don't quite get to see too often, offering a more,well,emotional breakup song and telling a story of love and despair. It isa nice song with good atmospheric guitar production and loud echoing vocals, as well as a really well-written verse.
-BOOKER T. 100% my favourite off of the album,this trap melodic banger with agressive delivery is the most charismatic song on the album and the epitome of his appeal to me. The lyrics surely are braggy,but rightfully so as he mocks everybody else who he outsold this respective year. Gotta love those WWE refs.
-LA DROGA. Another love song with a touch of disrespect this time,"La Droga'" is a decent pop rap song with good vocals and energy,as BB is describing the woman he fallen in love it as a "drug". I like the guitar from the outro a lot.
-DÁKITI. I'm not gonna repeat myself when it comes to the love theme,because that is the most frequent theme on this record. Jhay sounds acceptable here,at least not like he did on the Kali Uchis song he got featured on,where he literally sounds like Spongebob's cousin. The beat is the worst part of this and the vocals are alright.
-TRELLAS. Another love song,but this time with a more unique space theme to it,making it a different take from the other songs on the record. The atmosphere is actually quite nice here. I like it bcuz of that,more unique compared to other latin artists.
-SORRY PAPI. Typical duet love song. I really hate how many times i said "love song" in this summary. He really did so many of those. This one is decent. Idk who ABRA is?
-120. Is a shorter track and kind of a braggy love song, sporting a nice sampled beat that sound really refreshing, and quite comforting. It also has more flair to it.
-ANTES QUE SE ACABE. One of my favourite tracks on the album,BB talks about the upsides and downsides of life, advising everyone to live their lives to the fullest and die happy. The beat is really cool,that EDM touch making it sound really fresh and matching up the vocals,creating a cool "happy ending" vibe. It feels like an outro,and it kinda is,since the last one is sort of a traditional South American Christmas record.
-CANTARES DE NAVIDAD. Not gonna rate it,but damn it's the weirdest final.songs i've ever heard. I guess he payed homage to traditions? Idk.

1). EL MUNDO ES MÍO (prod. Maux) 5.5/10 6/10
2). TE MUDASTE (prod. Caleb Calloway, Mag, Mr. Naisgai ,Mora) 6.5/10 7/10
3). HOY COBRÉ (prod. Subelo NEO,Hazen,Elikai) 7/10 7/10
4). MALDITA POBREZA (prod. Mag) 7/10 8/10
5). LA NOCHE DE ANOCHE (prod. Chris Jedi,Gaby Music, Tainy) ft. ROSALÍA 7.5/10 7.5/10
6). TE DESEO LO MEJOR (prod. Mag) 5/10 7/10
7). YO VISTO ASÍ (prod. Mag) 7.5/10 9/10
8). HACIENDO QUE ME AMAS (prod. Mag) 7/10 8/20
9). BOOKER T (prod. Mag) 8/10 8/10
10). LA DROGA (prod. Mag,M. Delacruz) 7/10 9/10
11). DÁKITI (prod. Tainy,La Paciencia) ft. Jhay Cortez 5.5/10 8/10
12). TRELLAS (prod. Mag) 7/10 7/10
13). SORRY PAPI (prod. Tainy) ft. ABRA 6/10 6.5/10
14). 120 (prod. Tainy,Foreign Teck,BASSCHARITY) 7/10 7/10
15). ANTES QUE SE ACABE (prod. Caleb Calloway,Chris Jedi,Gaby Music,Mag,Manuel Lara,Felix Lara) 7.5/10 7.5/10
16). CANTARES DE NAVIDAD by Trio Vegabajeño -/10
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Nov 29, 2020
the cantares de navidad slander shall not be tolerated. absolute banger
Nov 29, 2020
Nov 29, 2020
Lyrically this is awful, as an epic Spanish speaker. Great review tho
Nov 29, 2020
Great review! :)
Nov 30, 2020
@Basic_Garci yup,they are mediocre at best
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