LICE - Wasteland: What Ails Our People Is Clear
Jan 13, 2021 (updated Jan 13, 2021)
Wasteland sounds like a bunch of apocalyptic nightmares that are forgotten the second i wake up and never come back to my mind ever again.

LICE's experimental post-punk studio debut is an interesting body of work that aims high for a esoteric, wasteland-ish and cosmic vibe that ultimately falls short due to a few factors that hold it down from actually being good.

The moment i started my listen i was quite impressed with the first 2 tracks, quickly making myself think that it might actually be a god release and, well, i was obviously wrong. The record tries a lot of bold ideas and atmospheres that, at first, sound good, but immediately after it kinda gets ruined by the amount of experimentation it involves itself with. A lot of the tracks after the beginning feel either half-cooked or simply just boring, with only a few actually standing out from the 8-9 tracks crowd. Outside of Conveyor and Imposter, which nail the overall vibe & atmosphere, the only ones i enjoyed more are probably Pariah, Serata, Persuader & Deluge, which, i thought, were decent and the closest to touching the theme of the project in sounds.

The vocals are all really interesting and sometimes strained, and i really like that. It leaves off a really eerie effect to the tracks and their impact on my reaction, a lot of the crazy parts being my favourites. Sadly, there aren't many of those moments. Additionally, the writing actually follows the apocalypse theme really well and it portrays more of a social comment on how we could destroy ourselves, pointing out some of humanity's flaws. That is also nice, i guess.

As a summary of my thoughts on it, i'd say it leaves a lot to be desired which comes off from how it sounds in a few tracks and how it should sound in others, not really always sticking to.the vibe and concept. Not bad. Could be better.

My GF's Score: 45/100
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