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Drake - Scary Hours 2
Mar 5, 2021 (updated Mar 5, 2021)
Nobody will agree with this, but i'll say it, Drake is one of, if not the most overhated rapper for a few years now.

Now, Scorpion wasn't good, and Views was mid, but lately he has been putting out some dope ass projects and people seem to still hate the shit out of them just because it's Drake and he's like the most mainstream rapper you could think of. Mans a personification of the word. Thing is, the other projects that he released in the past 2-3 years have not missed whatsoever. You got like three EP's, with this one included, then you have Care Package, which had a bad fkin cover, but amazing content, and his Dark Lemo Tapes which was pretty decent ad well. It truly seems like he is getting back into his prime and making quality shit again. His Lil Durk single was amazing, as an example, and this sequel to his 2018 EP is following the same trend.

It's one of the very few Drake records that actually makes me want it to be longer. These three songs are genuinely fire and easy to listen to whenever you mind your business. And all three are also very different from each other, which is a really good thing. They aren't just some mid, alike-sounding, piece of shit random tracks that he just had unreleased in the vault and decided to drop for the hell of it. They manage to be bangers AND to be consistently fast-paced. His flows are really damn good on here and catchy, and the production, which you could say is a little minimalistic, still slaps really hard, since it makes the EP focus on hie voice and flows more then usual. And since that's like, the best part of the project, it will actually make it sound much better. Plus, my man Lil Baby catched another W on it, another Drake collab, damn.

Drake's new album will be great. I'm callin' it now and i swear i'll return to this EP to confirm my words.

GF Score: 80/100

Damn straight it'll be heat
Right foot up, left foot slide
Love this review!!! :)
Basically, I'm sayin', either way, we 'bout to slide, ayy
if overhated by aoty standards then yes, but take note that aoty is not representative of the population and many people here will actively hate on what is popular and i believe that on a more general scale, then drake is not at all overhated, especially if he attracts massive viewership
respect views it's a masterpiece
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