Baby Keem - The Melodic Blue
Sep 10, 2021
Ok, but the muppets voice on Pink Panties goes hard.

Some people might not like this album and that's 100% due to the very interesting sound it has, but Baby Keem shows up with an actually very unique, bold and varied record that sounds miles better then his previous works, even if i enjoyed those a lot as well.

Every song sounds different, not only in terms of overall sound, but also Keem's voice. He switches his voice every song and makes the album ride so much more fun. The writing is his typical shit, with some special occasions where he gets more serious and spits some real shit. His hooks are a great part of the record and it helps it boost it's quality by far, backed by the great "different" production he uses.

There really isn't much else to talk about. The features are great as well and that's about it. I'd say he sounds a lot like Carti on some songs, so that might also have an effect on my enjoyment. Other then that, yea, the albums great. Enjoy it if you like this type o' trap. Its better then Drake hy far and even comes close to Donda for me. Mainly because it isn't bloated.

Nice one, Keem. Your career looks brighter then ever.
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