Lil Baby & Lil Durk - The Voice of the Heroes
Jun 7, 2021
James Harden, eh?

I wanted to not review this one, but i saw the criticism and i said, fuck it, let's give this shit some praise for once.

Lil Baby & Durkio are some of my favourite current rappers. They both have proven to me that they are worth it and that they deserve the fame and clout they've been receiving in the last couple of years. Lil Baby has been extremely consistent recently, always delivering some interesting thought-provoking and encouraging verses and killing his features every single time, with few exceptions. And Durk? He's been doing the same, except for far longer then Baby. The man has gone through a lot since he started rapping, and 2009 seems already like a lifetime away.

Anyways, "The Voice of The Heroes" is the best collab rap album that was released in a long time. Sure, it's inoffensive and it doesn't bring anything new to the table. But, on the other hand, it improves what some of their solo projects lack. The variety of this record is actually not bad. The beats aren't weak or repetitive, and their chemistry is really out there. There definitely are some songs in here that the album could've been doing better without, especially in the second half, but i don't really mind them. That can only be described as the long album effect.

The single, although overrated by me with an 8/10, was a fairly good image as how the album will turn out to be. It presented the same chemistry as the record does and some decent real verses from both rappers. Even before the single, "EVERY CHANCE I GET" from Dj Pooled showcased the same energy in a great way, being the best on that album that was filled with nightmarish trash.

The first actually new song of the album, "2040", also one of the four tracks that didn't get leaked a few days prior to the album release is already coming in with a really good flow and timing. Lil Baby starts spazzing right away with a nice verse and then delivers a decent hook, that kinda goes on for too long, but also grows on you over time. Lil Durk's verse has a classic Chicago tint to it, that maybe works a little better then Baby's verse? TyMaz, FOREVERROLLING & Flex's synth beat makes the song much better through it's energy.

"Hats Off" starts a long-running streak of, umm 11 songs that straight-up go hard. Travis Scott & Meek Mill's features both go really hard, even if they don't say as much shit as Durk and Baby do regarding street life. Since i pretty much love every single song i will just name the highest highlights of this high part of the project (and essentially giving it an one-up for each of them): the hook and beat on Who I Want (f-ing wavy), Lil Baby's "Who I Want" verses, "Still Hood" hook and Durk verse, "Man Of My Word" hook go brr, Durk's "Still Runnin" diss verse, the "Medical" repetition, all of "How It Feels", the drill sound on "Lying" and "Okay", the beat on "That's Facts", Baby's voice experimentation and singing on those two and "Please". That's a long list that motivates my liking to this record.

The last few tracks are decent and i enjoy them, but none of them comes to the same quality as those, maybe except "Bruised Up", i like that one a lot.

In conclusion, i already want the seq.

GF Rating: 7.5/10
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Jun 7, 2021
death grip
Jun 7, 2021
LOVE THIS REVIEW!! The 'I need medical' chorus is SO catchy lol, grew on me a great amount! Glad to see the GF score high too! :)
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Lil Baby & Lil Durk - Voice of the Heroes
Jun 1, 2021
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