AOTY 2023
Offset - SET IT OFF
Say my Grace is one of the best songs of the year. Offset is gasssss....
Travis Scott - UTOPIA
EDIT: this review will be deleted. I have a big one coming for this.

Travis Scott. UTOPIA. 5 years. Aliens have come just to listen to this.

The GOAT of trap has returned to bless us with the album I'm finna play at my wedding along with Whole Lotta Red. Travis had a lot of pressure on his back for this record and he had to deliver. And damn, am I glad I am here to experience this. An album that goes beyond genres and that one may define as true music.

In true Travis fashion he hid the ... read more

Lil Uzi Vert - Pink Tape
Lil Uzi Vert casually dropping the most genre-bending rap album of the year. He simply said, fuck it, its anime time and dropped this banger record.
Young Thug returns with an album that supposedly deals with all the stressful situations that he is currently facing in his life, although, lyrically, he barely mentions any of it and decides to deliver us some classic Thugger vibes and bangers.

The tracks on the record are generally decent to good, but their main problem usually tends to be the fact something feels like it's missing from most of the songs. There are great bangers here with amazing production like Oh U Went and a few others, ... read more

Lil Durk - All My Life
Early 0120's vibes, brought back a good nostalgic feel. I needed it as times haven't been as nice lately. Time flows slowly for me,but it surely flows.
Destroy Lonely - if looks could kill
Opium takeover babyyy!!!
slowthai - UGLY
Never Again and Tourniquet hit hard straight to the feelings. Goddamn man.

Slowthai after his amazing debut "Nothing Great About Britain" and the more non-experimental "TYRON" with a more punk outing that truly fulfills his style and sound and also hit me with a lot of emotion and feelings that i honestly and completely relate to in my day-to-day life.

"UGLY" is an album that tackles many themes from our daily life, like constant stress, depression, the evil ... read more

Yeat - AftërLyfe
Myself is a heavenly banger and then you have Split with the wolf adlibs. Yeat albums are a fever dream.

Yeat releases his third studio album and i have to say it is actually overhated. I am not particularly a fan of his music or anything, but this album is enjoyable and even fun sometimes. There is variety with the exception of a small dosage of blandness ar times, but everything fits his sound and style very well and he delivers the perfect combo for his fans and a decent addition to the ... read more

Don Toliver - Love Sick
Don Tolliver releases his third studio album and, even if it can be a mixed bag at times, it still manages to deliver some chill and some hard bangers. He chilled out a little from the experimentation and opted for a poppy, feature-filled approach. While i do not support a basic pop rap album that much, Don Tolliver is still not a basic sound. He used a lot of crazier vocal inflexions throughout the record, which summarizes most of the experimentation on the LP.

While it isn't anything new or ... read more

Lil Yachty - Let's Start Here.
He seriously went to Poland and brought this back.

Lil Yachty drops surprise of the year, top-notch character development, even if he already was a nice person.

When it comes to hip hop/trap whenever you think of any rapper/artist that makes high quality, grammy-winning type albums, you don't normally think of people like Yachty. Maybe Kendrick Lamar, or RTJ or Nas, even Future pops in your head, but never somebody like Yachty, especially knowing his portfolio and his other outings. But, oh ... read more

Oh my god, that Spotify animation...
Trippie Redd - MANSION MUSIK
The beat walked so that Travis can simply fly over it.

Ah, that monthly 25 song trap album with a shitload of features that add almost nothing to the song is here and it's from Trippie. Lovely combo.

On a serious tone, Trippie got talent, but he misuses it so much it seriously hurts me sometimes. The album isn't necessarily bad or anything, but Mansion Musik (not to be confused with Musick, much better project), misses something that doesn't allow it to hit any mark.

The record isn't really ... read more

A$AP Rocky - Same Problems?
A$AP Rocky once again returns with a complete 180. Instant goosebumps, this is truly a brand new style that style keeps the Rocky stamp intact, and, obviously I can't get enough of his sound and creativity. The bassline is just perfect as well.
Popcaan & Drake - We Caa Done
Jamaican Drake hits different, but different isn't always a good direction.
YoungBoy Never Broke Again - I Rest My Case
How dare you disrespect Mr. Jordan Carter with this lame copy skills?

Also, since I won't be talking much about this album since it's just a basic ass trap album and there just isn't much shit to talk about, I'll go ahead and say how proud i am of Carti. Whole Lotta Red created the "rage" sub-genre and I'm super happy he's being as innovative as i expected him to be ever since day one of the release.

YoungBoy album so uninteresting i talked about the artist he think he is. ... read more

Little Simz - NO THANK YOU
I don't think I'll be reviewing anything on New Years, nor did i on Christmas, so Merry Late Christmas and Happy New Years to everybody and may 2023 be even better than 2022.

I decided this was a good use of my listening time while waiting for that zesty vampire to remember his Spotify password.

Little Simz returns again and offers another display of pure creativity, intelligence and skill with "NO THANK YOU". I can't say I'll ever get tired of hearing Simz just go at it and rap ... read more

Roddy Ricch - Feed Tha Streets III
I've been feeling sad for Roddy recently. He has potential, a LOT of it, but it seems like he isn't trying enough to fulfill it. This is a slight return to form, but i know he can do better. At this point i get the feeling he fucked up his vocal chords in his early career stage and now he simply lost his voice control that he was flaunting on "Excuse Me For Being Antisocial".

Roddy Ricch returns with "Feed Tha Streets 3" and I'm glad to say that it is better than his last ... read more

Weyes Blood - And In The Darkness, Hearts Aglow
Honestly one of the most calming albums of the year. I was playing some shit online and this kept me away from all the trashtalking pratonizing type mfs and kept me in the zone.

"And in the Darkness, Hearts Aglow" is Weyes Blood's second studio album that I've listened to and yet another wonderful and very delightful experience for me. I don't think i rated her other album, "Titanic Rising", but it would probably be higher than this one, and I don't feel like comparing the ... read more

Quadeca - I Didn't Mean To Haunt You
This is the most posthumous non-posthumous album I've ever heard.

Well, I'd say that Quadeca is officially NOT a "youtube rapper" (God, i hate this term). He's not an artist that you'd see going around YouTube dissing The Rock or some other shit. He's a proper artiste now, that releases only the most splendid music that can touch your goddamn ears (and soul).

"I Didn't Mean To Haunt You" is former YouTube rapper Quadeca's most recent and BEST effort so far. His evolution ... read more

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