Scre4meh -
"I'm tired of politicians tryna sell us diet Jesus"

I can give off several examples of lyrics from this song alone, off of the top of my head, that are better then the entirety of Big Day.

Chance the Rapper, or how i used to call him before this, Chance The Crapper (lmao funni), because i had absolutely no hope left in this man's talent, unless him and his wife broke up and he made The Sad Day, is bouncing back harder then Big Sean. His next album will be his best. I don't know ... read more
Scre4meh -
"I Won't bite, unless you like it (☞ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)☞"

Silk Sonic is something that came out of nowhere, but, guess what? The Big Bang came out of nowhere as well! Great things come out nowhere *nod*. This is as stylish and as funky as i expected. And, considering both of them match personalities and voices almost perfectly, as well as in style, there was simply no way of this failing at being good.

The vocals, the production, the classy feeling. This song is a whole ... read more
Scre4meh -
Lupe Fiasco, one of the greatest writers in rap and one of the most conceptual rappers you will ever hear music from, proven by one single record.

I never listened to much Lupe Fiasco since i began being a hip hop fanatic, even if that's a little embarassing, so i naturally went completely blind into it and, man, this genuinely slaps so hard. It's honestly already growing to be one of my favourite rap albums. The concept, the insanely detailed and smart writing and even the catchy well-done ... read more
Scre4meh -
Nobody will agree with this, but i'll say it, Drake is one of, if not the most overhated rapper for a few years now.

Now, Scorpion wasn't good, and Views was mid, but lately he has been putting out some dope ass projects and people seem to still hate the shit out of them just because it's Drake and he's like the most mainstream rapper you could think of. Mans a personification of the word. Thing is, the other projects that he released in the past 2-3 years have not missed whatsoever. You got ... read more
Scre4meh -
Hi, my name is Tom. And i am a crewmate on the god-knows-what-this-ship-is-called. Lately, rumors have been spreading about an impostor amogus that wants to murder us and take over our planet. Most people would think that's crazy and fucking insane, but, for me, that's fucking hot. I want to meet that impostor and seduce it. I tasted human dick and animal dick alike, mostly, on a platter, but i have never seen or touched an alien dick before. Who knows what it can do? Maybe it can disperse into ... read more
Scre4meh -
This is the definition of a breakup album. Where the fuck is Matthew Barney? Prolly hiding with Mario Abusah in the pit of assholes, forgotten by the world. I want to punch him after listening to this. Where is he?

Björk is a legend in the music community, a legend of whose albums i have never listened to, but indeed, a legend. And this proves it. The amount of emotion, of pain and anger that you feel as you sail across this tragic page/story of her life & her breakup with Matthew, ... read more
Scre4meh -
Before reviewing this amazing body of work, i'd like to thank a lot of people that have been supporting me recently and that i deeply respect as my homies. Thanks to @TomBejoy, @Cry, @eliiscool4 (sorry if i botched that), @Chode, @DoubleZ, @Stal, @Nightwing_714 (also most likely botched,but still shout out to the greatest raccon) @reedybdeedy, @ParthanyJobtano, @nicoperagine, @Docky, @cakenator, @August, @BGL13 and many others that i might've forgotten to put in here. Thanks for 900!!! Also, ... read more
Scre4meh -
I've been extremely excited for this album to come out. Every single was so damn great, and this didn't disappoint.

Julien Baker is, honestly, someone that i have mever listened to before this album has released, and the first time i've heard her was probably through "Hardline" and the other promotional singles leading up to this release. Time really passed so fast, it feels like yesterday when i've seen it getting announced for 26th and. Sheesh. My birthday was yesterday and now ... read more
Scre4meh -
Seems like they really stick with these ugly ass covers. This should be called W, because i don't see any L's.

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard return once again with the continuation of K.G., L.W. And yea, it's good. It's actually better them it's prequel, by far.

K.G. played with some interesting ideas, but they really played it way too safe with that one, end ng up in having a record with way too many samey songs, resulting into an unmemorable project that everybody forgot about quite ... read more
Scre4meh -
JID is gonna release one of the best albums of the year soon and i'm in for the ride. If i hear anymore MID jokes i'll start going crazy on them poor souls. AND, welcome back Bobby Shmurda, time to do the Shmoney Dance again after 7 years. Damn, been a long time.

J.I.D. returns with yet another fire single for his upcoming "Forever Story" album. "Ballads" was so haunting, "Bruuh Remix" was fun and energetic and, now Skeegee is a lyrical ball of fire. The beat is ... read more
Scre4meh -
Hey, anybody wanna form a band called "The Brown Doors"? Or maybe "The Yellow Couch"? No? Ok.

"Black Dresses" are a relatively new and self-thaught Canadian noise pop duo that started began their musical activity back in 2017 with a M.I.A. cover, following with four studio albums (including critically acclaimed "Peaceful as Hell"), with "Forever in Your Heart" being their fifth discography entry. Judging it by the cover, you already know what ... read more
Scre4meh -
EDit: omg i just noticed he has his beard on the cover ad well, fuck that's cursed. Purge it. I said i'll be wholesome, but the temptations are high.

His fuckin' beard is weird!

The new 6ix9ine single, is surprisingly better then everything on his last album. Like, literally everything. It captures the raw energy that he used to have 2 years ago, and that's a much better time then now so, of course, i'll naturally enjoy it. The lyrics are in his usual sphere, but, damn, he finally doesn't ... read more
Scre4meh -
This is the definition of a hood classic.

Young Thug is, probably, my favourite melodic/trap rap artist there is and will be. No matter what he does, outside of his more obscure tapes, i love so much. His music was and is a major part of my teen years and it will always have a special place inside my heart as one of my favourite albums there is. I don't need a super abstract album sometimes, and this is the perfect album for some mindless fun. Actually, i'll go ahead and call this one of the ... read more
Scre4meh -
Is this a deluxe? The 5 songs added to it all sound unfinished, so it got me a little bamboozled.

I guess she had to drop a deluxe to make a quick buck, because these are all just throwaway songs that she definetly didn't have in mind to release, except for the remix, of course. They are decent, but too short to add any sort of high quality into the mix. If they were longer or had some features on them, they would've been more enjoyable, but i feel like they are still weak af for Ariana's ... read more
Scre4meh -
"I don't write rhymes, ni--a, i write checks
Might rewrite your life if the price set"

I missed this crazy mf.

I love UNLOCKED, but i never expected it will get a remix re-release. And wow, i'm actually even more excited about it. The features just look crazy. Plus, Denzel mever missed in like... 4 years, 5 years now. I don't think he'll miss again.

About this new single/remix... God, it bangs so hard. The ladidadidada vocal sample goes really hard and it's so calming at the same ... read more
Scre4meh -
What the fuck is a Megladon? Baby Shark > Neon Shark.

Yeah. Lil Wayne saved him from the neon shark when he eas out in the ocean looking for shark (or shrek) pussy.

The new Trippie ain't it, who would've guessed. Not me. The new LP from Trippie, also considered a deluxe, is taking a different direction from the unprepared, awfully mixed Pegasus, which was aiming for a trap style. This time... Trippie made some rock song! Are they good? Hell fucking nawh. Are they at least better ... read more
Scre4meh -

This is NF's best song for years. Hell, might be his best song yet. I'm not a huge NF fan on the regular, but i've never hated him or his music. I never thought he really had much variety or anything and i don't think i would've seen this kind of song come out from him like, 3-4 months ago.

This does follow the classic NF, string chamber sound, but this time he actually uses his voice much better. You get to hear much more melodic flows from him then he usually aims ... read more
Scre4meh -
Scre4meh -
This is what happens when you buy Whole Lotta Red on Wish. He's legally insane if he thinks he can ever sell more then 10k.

GF Rating: 25/100
Scre4meh -
Why...Why does this exist? Why are we still here? Just to suffer? Please, purge this, delete it. Why she had to do my legendary pal, Crazy Frog so wrong?

also, gunna on a crazy frog remix is a missed opprtunity

gf rating: 2/10
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