Interpol Announce New Album Marauder, Share New Song “The Rover”
by thisisabtlgrnd to Interpol
June 7, 2018
Pretty good, but Interpol will never be the same without Carlos, unfortunately.
Watch Courtney Barnett Rock Out “Nameless, Faceless” On The Tonight Show
by Staff to Courtney Barnett
May 18, 2018
that fucking ruled
Kanye Previews New Music, 5 Album Tracklists
by Staff to Kanye West
May 16, 2018
this is the default beat that every kid plays at guitar center when trying out the drum samplers
Kanye West drops new song “Lift Yourself”, and it’s poop
by Staff to Kanye West
April 30, 2018
Jon Hopkins shares "Everything Connected" video
by Staff to Jon Hopkins
April 26, 2018
Sci-fi euphoria
Political Yard Signs Tease New Kurt Vile Album
by Staff to Kurt Vile
April 24, 2018
Love that "A change you can b'lieve in..."
Outside Lands announces 2018 Lineup
by Staff
April 3, 2018
Looks better than last year.
Video: Beach House - "Dark Spring"
by bgod to Beach House
April 3, 2018
They just keep getting better and better.
Animal Collective Announce Sung Tongs Tour
by Staff to Animal Collective
March 19, 2018
I will be attending
New Track: Beach House – “Dive”
by Staff to Beach House
March 7, 2018
Jon Hopkins details new album, Singularity, his first in five years
by Gupla to Jon Hopkins
March 6, 2018
going to be my AOTY. i can feel it.
New Track: Zhu & Tame Impala – “My Life”
by bgod to Tame Impala
March 5, 2018
Jon Hopkins Returns With New Song
by Staff to Jon Hopkins
February 23, 2018
The master returns. This is bloody brilliant!
Listen: Arcade Fire – “Put Your Money On Me (Demo)”
by Staff to Arcade Fire
January 29, 2018
Let's not and say we didn't
Matt Mondanile Issues New Statement on Sexual Misconduct Allegations
by Staff to Ducktails
January 26, 2018
what a wanker
Sting and Shaggy made an entire album together and are releasing it on 4/20
by Staff to Sting
January 24, 2018
Watch Animal Collective Perform 'Sung Tongs' at Pitchfork’s 21st Anniversary Show
by Staff to Animal Collective
January 3, 2018
Youuu don't haaave to goo tooo colleeege
Wild Beasts Announce 'Last Night All My Dreams Came True'
by bgod to Wild Beasts
December 6, 2017
Such a shame these guys are done.
Sufjan Stevens Shares New Song 'Tonya Harding'
by bgod to Sufjan Stevens
December 6, 2017
Too bad the movie creators couldn't find a way to use this tune in their movie.
New Track: Nicolas Jaar – “Coin In Nine Hands”
by Staff to Nicolas Jaar
December 6, 2017
Jaar writes that “this deluxe version of the record is what it should have been all along but i got scared of “coin” and decided against it at the last minute.”
Sufjan Stevens Shares New Song 'Tonya Harding'
by bgod to Sufjan Stevens
December 6, 2017
Sufjan's article here:
New Track: Brian Eno & Kevin Shields – “Only Once Away My Son”
by Staff to Brian Eno & Kevin Shields
October 26, 2017
Absolutely stunning
Watch MGMT’s video for new song “Little Dark Age”
by Staff to MGMT
October 18, 2017
Wow, finally something that doesn't make my ears bleed! This is great!
Radiohead unveil new version of “Bloom” recorded with Hans Zimmer
by Staff to Radiohead
September 27, 2017
Wow, this looks and sounds amazing.
Death From Above announce new album 'Outrage! Is Now,' share new track
by Staff to Death From Above
August 15, 2017
I'm feeling this. Hope this new album is more like You're a Woman, I'm a Machine rather than The Physical World.
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