In Flames - I, The Mask
Apr 15, 2019
In all honesty this album is probably closer to a 6 by itself but in comparison with the latest albums In Flames has been releasing, it earns bonus points for going into the right direction. FINALLY moving away from the Hard Rock edgy nonsense that the last few albums were: In Flames has returned with a surprisingly well mixed and well written album that even contain a few songs that I would consider stand out hits for Modern Melodic Death. The first few songs are fantastic and almost sound like they could fit into A Sense of Purpose. Some of the riffs are on par with their earlier work and the whole feel is almost similar to a Come Clarity mixed with aSoP, complete with a ballad-esque song before the album closes. That being said, the album loses steam fairly quickly and the last 1/3 is a little too similar to the point where it all drones together to culminate into a mediocre finale. If you are coming to this album expecting a Jester Race 2 or anything even remotely close to their work in the 90s, you will be disappointed; if you can learn to accept the past and see that in flames is at the very least moving close to their roots then you will find a fair amount of enjoyment within this album.
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