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As this is currently my highest rating, I thought I'd redo my old and woeful review.

Panic! At The Disco's sophomore album is an absolute masterpiece. The band had seen an enormous amount of success with their pop punk debut, but slowly thereafter they got tired of their ironic, theatrical and guitar-driven self. They therefore went on a hiatus and came back with their debut's antithesis, Pretty Odd. On what later turned out to be their last effort together, Panic! At The Disco constructs a ... read more

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Mama's Boy sees Lany making their most mature effort yet. While Malibu Nights felt rushed and hollow, I still stand by the fact that Lany's debut album is one of the best pop records in recent years. Lany have an ability to make universal fairytales set roots into your life, and as the they grow, the music only makes all the more sense. Sadly, this album feels a little more manufactured, and it thus dosen't quite reach the levels of their debut. All in all, Mama's Boy is a pleasent reminder of ... read more
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I usually end up agreeing with teenage girls about music, so I thought this new ‘punk’ effort from MGK would be right up my alley, and.. well, it’s not bad.

There’s so many things wrong with Tickets To My Downfall, I don’t really know how to explain why I don’t dislike it. To start with, the first few tracks had me thinking that this was going to be Yungblud 2.0, and I almost turned the album off right then and there. Also, the album has at least a handful ... read more
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Nectar sees Joji continuing his development as an artist. He has carved out his own place in the industry while growing his audience, and I don’t think there’s anyone who thought George Miller could ever escape Filthy Frank, but I’d argue he did exactly that with this album. Sure, the writing is poor, and the album is five tracks too long, but Nectar is unique and interesting enough to warrant the hype.

Best lyric: “I’m a pretty boy livin' on the West side. ... read more
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Ultra Mono is a product of deep social and political division, and Idles dosen’t shy away from picking sides. The album contains some extreme highlights that function as a honest and brutal bulldozing of the unfair status quo. Sadly, this album is also easily their most flawed one as a couple tracks feel underwritten or just mediocre compared to Idle’s previous album. Ultra Mono is thus a total attack on the currents, and one that sees Idles mostly winning.

Best lyric: “A ... read more
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A Moon Shaped Pool is without doubt the most heartbreaking album I’ve ever heard. It’s a collection of songs that sees Thom Yorke admitting defeat as his relationship with his wife ends. Consequently, Yorke’s worldview on the album is cynical and deeply filled with pain. Sonically, it’s arguably Radiohead’s most beautiful album to date, but that just makes the heartbreak all the more excruciating.

A Moon Shaped Pool is a heart puncture.

Best lyric: “And ... read more
Oct 17, 2020
Jun 6, 2020
Hello There! I have a new song out called "Lucy" it's not gonna be on my new album, but hopefully you will still like it

Anyways, here's the link to listen:
Jan 18, 2020
Hay, my new song is out now. You can listen to it if you want and if you do let my know what do you think about it:D
Sorry for not being that active lately.
Nov 6, 2019
Hi, I just made a new song and it would be nice if you would listen to it and give me your thoughts about it:D Here is the link
Nov 4, 2019
Hey! What if Foals?!
Sep 29, 2019
I wouldn't really class any of my reviews as longer reviews, but thanks.
Sep 28, 2019
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Jul 10, 2019
thanks for the follow!
Apr 28, 2019
Do you mind sharing your all time favorite album so I can put it into my community picks list, please?
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