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Senio -
Rilès dosen't do anything interesting in this album. I feel like he dosen't differenciate himself from the crowd, and I can't help but feel I can listen to any other artist that does his same type of music, but better.
Senio -
Quadeca's previous project, Voice Memos, is highly regarded as being pretty generic. However, the few songs like A Dream I Can't Remember, Man on My Left Shoulder and These Days showed flashes of brilliant potential, and From Me To You feels like Quuadeca has realized that and amplified it to the maximum in this wonderful album.

FMTY is beautiful. It's a project that's Ben has very clearly put his heart and soul into. From the chilling Intro all the way to the ending, there are nearly 0 skips ... read more
Senio -
Detroit 2 is, for the most part, a good album with some excellent standout songs.

I think the length of an album is something that is a lot mroe important than people realise, but 21 songs seems like a lot, and it is. This album feels like it goes on forever and as you try to sit through it in one sitting, your attention slowly begins to fade away. There's at least 5 songs here that I think he could remove and potentially increase my score on the album to be honest.
but the songs on this ... read more
Senio -
What an amazing album to send Logic off to retirement.

I'm a huge Logic fan, I think that's worth saying before writing this review. So I may be biased here, but man, this album is so good and to me it joins Under Pressure and The Incredible True Story as his aboslute greatest projects ever. This album is an excellent sendoff with plenty of references for Logic fans like the return of Thalia, Ultra 85, Soul Food II (which is amazing) Growing Pains 4.

I didn't learn anything new about Logic in ... read more
Senio -
It's ass.

I was really hoping for KSI to blow me away. I was a big fan of his singles, Down Like That even made it into my top songs of 2019. The problem with this album is that KSI relies so much on autotune despite never really needing it in the past. It just sounds so bad and I don't know why he thought it'd be a good iea. Domain is the only new song that I kind of like, because I'm pretty sure that;s the only song that dosen't use autotune.

Also some songs feel so out of place. The new ... read more


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