AOTY Atlas

AOTY Atlas V1.0: (A better actual map of AOTY users) (Better readability + shows communities better. Doesn't show how communities interconnect; don't judge the distance between communities off this)

My Write-Up + Analysis:
Contribute to Atlas V2:

Whelp, here it is! If you submitted you are part of AOTY Atlas V1.0, if you didn't contribute by filling out a form, you either weren't asked (check your shoutbox), missed my request for your submission, weren't mentioned, or were otherwise un-contactable. I sent requests to everyone who was following me, as well as almost everyone another member mentioned. If you feel like you've missed out, don't fret! I'm going to continue this project, updating the atlas every 3 months. The original Form was limited to 5 people, which I've since realized was a mistake. You can now submit up to 20 people, however the more you submit, the less weight (effect) they will have.
Specifically, 1-5 (1.5) / 6-10 (1.0) 11-20 (0.5)
So if you do submit more than 5 members do know THE ORDER YOU PUT THEM IN MATTERS! The data collected during the first wave of responses is a starting point, but if you submitted previously, please read carefully. I want to move on to another project (writing a novel for those curious) and I will not have the time to fix data.

Due to the way I processed data, it will be your username that shows, Retina doesn't like special characters (Which an overwhelming majority of you use for some reason??), and ultimately it was just quicker and easier to do it like this. I'm sorry if you have a goofy ahh username. Please accept my sincerest apologies. 🙇

Ideally, the graph should be fairly intuitive to interpret, but if you're struggling I've put an explanation below to help you learn the basics of navigating it, if that's not enough, check out my paper or message me on discord (shaderd)/shoutbox me!

The Neighbourhood - Thank You,
Wow, just WOW. Thank you from the bottom to the top of my heart, the response to this project has been insane. IN 👏 SANE 👏. When I started this project, I set a fairly ambitious goal of getting 500 nodes, and you collectively have DESTROYED my expectations. Many people have praised my dedication to this project, but seriously, this would NOT have been possible without your contributions. So again, thank you all.

The first "official" release of this project will have dropped (hopefully) the day I hit 500 followers, or at the very least, be damn close to doing so, which is a crazy thing to even consider. If you're new here, I hope you enjoy K-pop because that's mostly what i review!

Those who've followed me actively will know I enjoy collaborating with users for my follower milestone posts, and coming up with an idea for hitting 500 took some thinking. Perhaps, this will be my magnum opus, I seriously don't know how I can top this if I hit 1000... With that said, I'm glad that you all not only gave such a positive response to this idea but that I could even create this for everyone on this site in the first place.

Before you snoop around the graph, with all my follower milestones I like to remind everyone that they're tremendously amazing, utterly unique, and a blessing on this planet. Whatever dreams you have, shoot for them, if you want to do something, DO IT. [No crime tho >:( ] Hell, I am traveling ALONE to a country on the other side of the planet where I barely speak the language in April. Whether you're in a rough spot, a great spot, or somewhere in between, please know I'm grateful to share this site with you, to share our love of music, and to exist in this utterly brilliant and terrifying world together. If I can ask one more thing of you it's that you try your best to spread as much happiness as you can next week, the smallest thing can mean so much to someone. Below are a few quotes that did exactly that, thank you for all your responses again. <3
Applescal - For
"I really love that idea of an AOTY Atlas it's honestly one of the coolest things seen a user on the site work on :)"

"Dude.... This is actually one of the coolest things I've seen someone do on this site! [...] genuinely keep up the creative work!"

"props to you for having the dedication to do all of this work!"

"doing something like this always fills a community and makes it more alive [...] it makes me very happy to be in something like this"

"intreresting idea tbh and very unique for this website!"

"i'm doing it right now and keep remembering the convo's we had on discord last year. you've really inspired me to post more and be more open about my opinion. thank you for including me in this project"

"This is one of the coolest ideas i've seen on this site, really excited it see it finished."

"This is a cool ass idea, I'm really looking forward to how the final product looks!"

"Usually dont participate in stuff like community lists but this is a really cool idea."

"The idea of it is actually pretty motivating since I never took the time to actually think what my favorite reviewers are. [...] I believe that users [...] could feel amazed to see how much impact they have on other[s]"

"Thinking about who those five people really were genuinely made me quite emotional to consider, so thank you again for creating that moment for me."

"I would be honored to be apart of this"

"Really cool idea dude, just filled out the form."

"Good luck on the project dude; it’s one of the most interesting things I’ve seen on the site so far!"

Of course, there were many, many other similar responses, but these truly made my day when I read them. But oh yeah, what is this Atlas thing, anyway?
Jamie Woon - Making Time
I've read a few papers while learning how to make all this, as well as brainstormed for a while to think how best to explain what this is exactly, so let's see how I do shall we?

A network graph can be thought of as, well an Atlas/map!. In the case of AOTY each user is a city/country, some bigger than others, some close together, others far away.
When/if you filled out a form, you told Gephi (What I used to create this) 2 things. 1) That you exists & 2) Who you connect to.
When you tell Gephi the latter, a connection is built starting from you and ending at the person you mention. In this graph, these could be seen as one-way streets, as while YOU may mention someone, they might NOT mention you. On the chance that you DO both mention each other, Gephi sees this as a much stronger bond and creates a two-way street. The more streets that enter a city, the bigger the city gets.

Of course, however, in the literature, network graphs don't use cities and roads to describe themselves. (most of the time; big up road networks!) Here's a glossary so I can stop using metaphors and use appropriate terms for what i'm talking about. Feel free to refer to this if you come across something you don't understand, if you do have any questions though, feel free to reach me on discord (shaderd) or shoutbox me if you'd prefer!


Node: A User on the site
Edge: A connection between two Nodes.
Modularity Class: A collection of Nodes.
In-Degree: The number of Edges pointing to a Node.
Out-Degree: The number of Edges pointing away from a Node.
Degree: The number of Edges connected to a node.
Eigencentrality: The influence a node has on a network. (Don't worry about this one it's boring science stuff)
Dylann - i just wanted to help
If you're struggling to interpret the graph, don't worry, I'll go over it here (it can be overwhelming at first glance!)

We'll use me to start with, as I luckily manage to have every example of what you need to understand and navigate the Atlas.
In the top right, you should see a search box, type in "Shaderd" and it should take you to my node, as well as hide a large majority of the nodes on the graph. If it hasn't disappeared, on the left-hand side you should see the "explore" tab has changed. You should see the Modularity Class and In-Degree Values, and the users that connect to my node.

The Modularity class is the "sub-community" that a node belongs to. In my case the AOTY K-pop Community. Somehow I am considered a trailblazer with Playback (Cheapqueen), who defo deserves it more than me. But thank you. <3

- If an arrow is pointing toward a name, that means the node you're viewing mentioned that user (The only arrow that should do this for me is "Addam30").
- If an arrow is pointing away from a name, that means that the user mentioned the node you're viewing.
- If there is no arrowhead and a "2" in the middle, that means both members mentioned each other - they're probably friends! :D

You may notice that a large majority of the people I have connections with are nearby, what's up with that? Well! That would be because I mostly spend my time within the K-pop sub-community of AOTY, and all those lovely chaps nearby also happen to be in the K-pop community, Isn't that neat!?
NiziU - Make you happy
For example, if we exit out of my name, and move over to "Maqtheus" we notice a lot of the users nearby are mostly Portuguese, and Spanish-speaking! Intuitively this makes sense, as you're more likely to read reviews from and interact with users who speak the same language, and considering Spanish and Portuguese are quite similar as well as both in the top 10 most spoken languages in the world (With over 800 million speakers combined!) it's not super surprising to see that this has manifested in this way.

When you check out your node you'll (hopefully) notice a few familiar faces nearby. Since you more than likely know your community better than I do, you'll be able to determine if it seems accurate to whom you spend most of your time on the site. Although I haven't polled absolutely everyone, because of this you may have been lumped into a community that you don't necessarily entirely align with, such is the issue of lacking data.
Koda Kumi - AND
You may have noticed that some users are big, pretty damn big. And if you spend a bit of time on this site that probably isn't much of a surprise. The following sections will mostly be statistics based on certain characteristics. Beyond that, feel free to just have a little look around the AOTY Atlas. Thank you again for taking part, and being awesome.

537 Nodes were created with 1376 Edges from 298 form responses, meaning 239 users were mentioned but didn't respond. Unfortunately, 95 Users responded but didn't have anyone mention them :<

Top 10 Highest In-Degree Users:
1st Brad Taste - 57
2nd Shadow The Hedgehog - 51
3rd Baddiebaphomet - 46
3rd Barcooper - 46
4th DoubleZ - 33
4th Remi's Reviews - 33
5th Chode - 27
6th H1DD3N 1N TH3 ST4T1C - 19
7th Calup - 18
7th PipePanic - 18
8th Mellesteen - 17
9th BartDaGoat - 16
10th ShadeRD - 15
10th ThePurpleIdiot - 15
10th Dalton - 15
Sadness - Leave
I used the AOTY K-pop community as my control for determining Modularity sizes, I also aimed to have 25 distinct groups, below are all that I could identify, as well as how many members there are in each. If you believe you notice what a modularity group could belong to please feel free to leave a comment and I'll update it if your findings do seem to align with the group!

Modularity Group Titles:
0 - Art / Experimental / Obscure Rock (?) (33 members)
1 - Brad Taste & Co (22 members)
2 - Unknown (15 members)
3 - Unknown (13 members)
4 - Unknown (25 members)
5 - Unknown (13 members)
6 - Unknown (20 members)
7 - Unknown (27 members)
8 - Unknown (21 members)
9 - Unknown (23 members)
10 - Unknown (15 members)
11 - Unknown (17 members)
12 - Unknown (22 members)
13 - Not Enough Data (4 members)
14 - Unknown (19 members)
15 - AOTY K-Pop Community (21 members)
16 - Unknown (20 members)
17 - Unknown (28 members)
18 - Unknown (17 members)
19 - Latin American + Spanish Speaking (25 members)
20 - Unknown (26 members)
21 - Unknown (40 members)
22 - Unknown (23 members)
23 - Unknown (38 members)
24 - Unknown (19 members)
David Dallas - Something Awesome
The Circle Pack Atlas (2nd one) looks like France, don't know why!
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This is really amazing, great job !!
@LilMoosie2167 @ggollihue @cheapqueen @eef @simonuwu @addam30 @afvalcontainer @Dax_Wilder @FranoRed @enderkeenan @rebeb @Criss Thank you all for your kind words!
this is amazing
This is actually so sick, great work bro
this is SO COOL and its nice to see the KPOP AOTY community in a little corner lol love yall!!!!!!
woah nice
holy this is awesome!! and you were very close/accurate with mine :3
Congrats! Really awesome to see how all of the communities connect. Thanks for putting this together!
looks awesome man
Thank you Shade for doing this
big big congrats on this!!
Congrats on the people who won the atlas. You deserved it. :3
This was incredible work all in general.
nice work!
@aldyN @missing_lyriks @elioty @kenny0009 Thank you all!

@MontyDog123 @BlossomGia Seeing the positive reception to it all has made it all worth it!! Being able to create something for a community as well as develop my Resume is always a bonus! Here’s to more cool projects in the future :D
OMG amazing work!! Really appreciate all your hard work cause this is one of the coolest and funniest ideas I have seen on AOTY <333333
Incredible work! I can't imagine the amount of time this would have took so seriously amazing job!
incredible project dude :) hats off to you
this is incredible dude, major props for making such a cool project :DDD
This is wild! Thanks for the participation!
Incredible work
@vibesRUs + @cfnugent + @radu123 + @oAlqby + @emmysune Thank you! I’m glad to have made it. ☺️
@FatherGary + @ultimatelifefrm + @seumolll Thank You! I’m also excited to see where it can go from here, hopefully since it’s in popular this week (month soon?! 😉) more people will take part and it’ll be even more accurate!
@calup i’d estimate it was about 40% research/learning, 20% testing, 40% waiting for data (over the past 3-4 weeks) i’d guess about 100-150hrs spent actively on the project!
@baddiebaphomet oops LOL i must have missed that in my checks 🙃 annoyingly changing it would require a re-run of the simulation, which may likely completely chance not only the layout of the graph, but possibly even the groups people are a part of. I’ll re-run the calculations when i get home, and if it’s relatively similar i’ll shadow update the gist repo. To V1.1
This was really cool to read! My brain could never figure out how to put a project like this together, so props to you for all your hard work. I honestly found it really inspiring seeing who all connected to everyone and I can’t wait to see how it grows! I did happen to notice one of the nodes on the atlas was accidentally entered as BaddieB(o)phomet if you want to change that lol. Love this project, excellent job putting it together, and thank you for including me!

Btw Modularity 7 let’s figure out why we’re connected and give ourselves a name!
this is so awesome, good job on getting it done - its completely worth all the effort you've put in
Incredible work man, props to you
This is some incredible work! Can't wait to see how it develops over time
This is absolutely awesome, thank for putting this all together!
Fantastic work!
Props to you for the amount of work you put into this project, probably one of the most creative ones I've seen on AOTY. Looking forward to seeing how it progresses further.
incredible work man, this is a really cool project, can’t wait to see it continued!!
cant imagine how time consuming this was, shoutout you for this!
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