100 gecs - 10,000 gecs
Mar 17, 2023
Usually, a 6 out of ten is a mid album on my scale. Now while by definition this is mid album of a whole, the details and other minor aspects that go into an album are either incredible or unlistenable. I can't sum up everything at all without going track by track because me bashing vocals or praising production isn't a representation of the full album, but those are the strong/weak points of the overall album if I had to pick one. So I'll quickly summarize each song and collect my thoughts at the end

TRACK I: Dumbest Girl Alive
The best production on the entire album and was enjoyable, maybe a bit too glitchy with the vocals but overall a great listen, as it ended up being my favorite on the album.

This track was annoying and lacked direction, but I understood the hype

TRACK III: Hollywood Baby
It's a good anthem about being an outcast of the music industry, I just wished the delivery matched the lyricism

TRACK IV: Frog On The Floor
This is a cute track that doesn't entirely find its footing, but wholesome nonetheless

TRACK V: Doritos & Fritos
Same thing as 757 but I'm starting to understand the hate a little bit more

TRACK VI: Billy Knows Jamie
It seems that Billy knows Jamie, subtracting the lows from the highs it appears that this track is ok

TRACK VII: One Million Dollars
Easily the worst tack on the album. Nobody is gonna get away with using the lady's voice from tik tok, it's annoying, cringe, and downright atrocious no matter the circumstance, and not like the rest of the song tries to alleviate my painful experience

TRACK VIII: The Most Wanted Person In The United States
Weird lyrics, as this song is kinda all over the place through the good, the bad and the ugly

TRACK IX: I Got My Tooth Removed
Good, we're back to the wholesomeness, I'm not a big fan of the auto-tune overdose, but other than that this was very pleasant

TRACK X: mememe
What a fitting end to this album, I was confused by the lack of direction, but I actually got a kick out of that

I don't think I've seen a track list this inconsistent in a while, out of the ten songs, I have at least two tracks in all the red, yellow, and green respectively. I had blind expectations heading into this album because this is my first 100 gecs. I was confused on how divided the community is with this album, but now I'm even more confused because I consider myself on both sides of the fence, giving me a personality disorder when it comes to this whirlwind shitshow masterpiece of an album. It makes perfect sense and confusing as hell simultaneously, and it's hurting my brain. Ain't no way any mentally stable person is willingly going to listen to this, yet it would be disrespectful to trash this or brush it under the rug. I get it now, nothing makes sense

Haha great take mate. Abrasive but kind, I can see you are clearly divided. I have been going in both directions so far. I hated it after the first listen, then I kind of loved it. Now I just want for the album to slowly settle in my brain and then I will (probably) say something.
@Whynot I got my tooth is living rent free in my head right now and I can’t tell if it’s driving me insane or it’s a sign
I do feel the same, I find it difficult to rate so I've just left it at NR for now
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100 gecs - 1000 gecs
Jul 20, 2023
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