Fishmans - 98.12.28 男達の別れ (98.12.28 Otokotachi no Wakare)
Jan 21, 2023
I know nobody cares about my personnel life, or anything in this review, but I felt like I wanted to give this album a try in attempts to alleviate recent events of mine.

Yesterday I was deferred from Ohio State University, a place that I dreamed of going to college for since I was a kid. I would pour all of my emotions into their football team growing up, and because my dad also went there, rooting for their success is one of the few things I can share with him. I've been to the campus on numerous occasions and been to a handful of their football games, but that and an incredible program for my major was waiting for me. And on top of that, all of my friends got accepted.

If I really wanted to, I could wait the extra two months to see if they have any open spots, because being deferred does not mean you are rejected, but I've come to the acceptance that they don't want me there. It feels kind of demoralizing when you work towards a dream of yours you spent half of your life reaching towards, and all of a sudden it seems like all motivation just disappeared with a glance on my computer yesterday.

Sorry if I took too much of your time in reading that, I apologize if were anticipating my review of the album being in the first three paragraphs, I swear I start now.

Fishmans are a Japanese Dream Pop group that released the live album called "98.12.28 男達の別れ" (98.12.28 Otokotachi no Wakare) on September 29th, 1999, and while I wasn't alive at that time, I can truly tell you that I feel like I am there.

There is something about this album that truly captures my heart. Maybe it is the the dreamy vocals, or the mesmerizing production, either way I feel like I'm am somewhere that I wish to be, yet cannot obtain with my physical limits as a human being. Tracks like "Oh Slime", "In The Flight", "Walking in the Rhythm", and "In the Air" are four of my top five in this album, but I think the album's conculcion "LONG SEASON", really stands out. A 41.5 minute cinematic adventure that transcends your existence as a human being is the only way I can describe that song, truly a top ten song of all time.

Thank you Fishmans, maybe there is some method to all this madness in the pandemonium of life

Sorry to hear about your deferral :( I know it's not easy to see right now, but as someone who's gone through the whole college process of being accepted and rejected from all sorts of schools, it doesn't matter nearly as much about where you go, but how you take advantage of the opportunities each college has to offer. I know I can't understand your situation fully, but believe me when I say that you can have an amazing college experience anywhere you end up. <3
Thanks, that means a lot. I had a lot connections with that school, but I know I’ll find a way to make the most of my second option, Akron
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