NF - The Search
Jul 26, 2019
Wannabe J. Cole and J. Cole is not someone you wannabe.
Jul 26, 2019
"I am not the norm
I got my own shoes, I ain't tryna fit in yours"
Jul 27, 2019
Ffs so many haters lol
Jul 27, 2019
@Scre4meh This a reviewing website, not instagram comments, learn to respect criticism instead of just labelling it as "hate".
Aug 3, 2019
How is NF anything like J. Cole? LOL. You tell us to "learn to respect criticism" but that ain't possible when your "criticism" is the most stupid thing ever posted. You are legit the first person to ever say that he's a WB J. Cole, and the reason for that is cause he's legit 0% like J. Cole. Honestly cannot see how you can draw any lines towards J. Cole in NF, ROFL.
Aug 3, 2019
this man really just said ROFL unironically
Aug 3, 2019
As much as I respect that this is a site for criticism, to claim that he’s a wannabe J Cole is absurd. NF produces songs that depict his own personal struggles. He’s not trying to be relatable, it’s just his own therapy session. NF is trying to be NF regardless of whether he had 10 or 10 million fans he would still be producing the same content because this is what helps him personally.
Aug 4, 2019
All I'm sayin is both rappers are overly preachy and corny. However, cole is more successful and therefore NF is a wannabe Cole. Any "conscious" rap artist that gets radio play in Australian mainstream channels is trash.Why you think the albums ratings are so low?
Aug 5, 2019
I do respect criticism but critics can "hate" too, yk?
Aug 6, 2019
@shenalg01 "Why you think the albums ratings are so low?" because most music nowadays are 100% ass. People nowadays have zero fucking clue what good music is. They wouldn't know it even if it slapped them right in the face. That is why, because all these unintelligent retards can't comprehend anything more "complex" than all this mumble shit we have nowadays.

This album is minimum 9/10, period. Ain't no argument against it.
Aug 6, 2019
@EBodsater You have one rating on your account. Your opinion of "most music nowadays are 100% ass" is void because you have absolutely nothing to back that claim. Go rate some other albums and voice your opinion on them then come back and try to argue that this is a 10/10 album.
Aug 6, 2019

"because most music nowadays are 100% ass"

Just this year:

tears of joy
Titanic Rising
The Origin of My Depression
Plastic Anniversary
Girl with Basket of Fruit
Purple Mountains
Nothing Great About Britain
Hiding Places

And way more!
Aug 6, 2019

"People nowadays have zero fucking clue what good music is"

In what fucking world do we need to "have a clue" on what good music is? Like what you fucking what to like and let other people like what they want. It's not a fucking test. Dumbass.
Aug 6, 2019
Gotta love people like EBodsater. Apparently we all love mumble rap and don't know good music when we hear it! lol, ridiculous. There's numerous people on here who rate music daily from all different genres, and Thomas didn't include the artist names in his list, so I guarantee EBodsater has zero clue what any of those records are lol. Fanbois like that make no sense. Oh I love music so much, I made an account to rate one album and tell everyone who doesn't like it their opinion is trash!
Aug 6, 2019
I never knew there was an unironic version of shadygoat97
Aug 6, 2019
@Aoaystheory my bad for not including artist names. Reason why I didn't was because of the character limit with comments. Crossing my fingers that they'll search up the albums and give them a listen, but that's probably asking for way too much.
Aug 6, 2019
No Thomas, my point is proven by you not including them was what I was saying. If you're gonna say we all don't know "good music" you should be able to recognize those records without artists names. 90% of us on here could name all except maybe 2 or 3 without missing a beat. I know those record names as well as I know the names of family members tbh
Aug 6, 2019
Aug 7, 2019

Obviously, I'm talking strictly hiphop as we're on a hiphoproad album, so idk why youwould posting albums from other weird genres.

In general though, most music nowadays is actually trash afand. People settle for garbage mumble rap and simple pop music, so whenI something real that's not like regular mainstream music, mainstream lovers tend to neglect it because they can't be bothered to listen to something that ain't simple.
Aug 7, 2019

You can't tell me shit artists like Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj, Future, Justin Bieber, Migos, Travis Scott and many others are the best in the world, cause they ain't. People like simple music. Most of the greatest artists aren't well known and that is enough to support my first statement of most music nowadays being trash (in the mainstream, of course, shouldn't have to point that out as the good music still exist out there just not well known)
Aug 7, 2019

By the way, the albums you posted were trash imo. I don't listen to anything other than hiphop (cause its all garbage). The only one that sounded decent was the MIKE album, the rest were shit.

Boogie's album is another top album of the year, its flawless. Surprised you didn't mention that.
Aug 7, 2019
@EBodsater Imagine segregating your own music tastes to just hip hop because you don't want to be proved wrong
Aug 7, 2019
Lmao what a clown
Aug 7, 2019
@RakkSmells ? I legit listen to nothing else cause its all trash, what are you on about? All other genres are legit boring af
Aug 7, 2019
"I don't listen to anything other than hiphop (cause its all garbage)" What an elitist. @EBodsater I can understand not liking other genres, and especially not liking some of the albums Thomas listed, but calling genres "garbage" is subjective. People have their own tastes, just like how you like this album that no one else seems to like. But here's a tip to you: If you want to be taken more seriously, rate more than just two albums. Rate some more that you like, rate some that you dislike.
Aug 7, 2019
Rate some from genres you don't like or haven't tried before. Do that and then you may actually have an argument here.
Aug 7, 2019
@JustSomeGuy do I really need to end every sentence with "in my opinion" for y'all to understand its my opinion?

Thanks but no, I ain't gonna waste time listening to other genres which I know I simply won't enjoy.

I've tried that before and its just awfully boring, ain't gonna do it.
Aug 7, 2019
@EBodsater Didn't I say that music is subjective and that it's your opinion?
The way I see it, if you're here wasting your time arguing about how this is the best album of the year, how can it hurt listening to something that you haven't listened to? Being in the mindset of "I won't enjoy it" is very much the wrong way to go about it. You're setting yourself up to dislike it regardless.
Anyway, ignore rating different genres for the time being.
Aug 7, 2019
Rate some hiphop albums you like, and some you don't like. Then come back and argue your points.
Aug 7, 2019
By calling me an "elitist", you seemed to believe I was stating a fact, and not my opinion.

Regarding other genres, I have tried that many times before and I only ever enjoy certain songs, but genres as a whole there is nothing I can enjoy other than hiphop.

Maybe old school pop, you know MJ & shit, but other than that - nothing.
Aug 7, 2019
@EBodsater In my defence it does come across as if you were stating a fact, but sorry if I misunderstood.
I can understand that. I was actually the same way with hiphop myself. I ended up getting over my hatred for hiphop by actually subjecting myself to listen to some of the greats, first starting with a couple of songs and then moving on to full albums. While it still isn't my favourite genre, I can at least say I like it. I'd recommend you do the same with genres that you currently dislike.
Aug 7, 2019
You say you only ever enjoy certain songs, well listen to more of what that specific artist has done. If you like most, or a lot, of what you have heard, maybe try out an album or two from them? If not, maybe try to find another artist that works in the same genre? I know that's what worked for me, so it may work for others.
Aug 9, 2019
@EBodsater Albums trash. period. NF is so trash. Remember his break out hit? You say "real hip hop" and listen to NF? "Real hip hop" is artists such as MF Doom, Rakim, Biggie, Prodigy, J Dilla, Freddie. NF??? Smh. Corny af. Stop listening to these corny mainstream artists. And stop saying "real hip hop" and then say NF is 9/10. He is not even regarded as one of the GOATs.
Aug 9, 2019
@EBodsater Clearly you don't like trap. Can't say an artist is trash if you don't even like their Genre. Travis Scott and Migos are revolutionary. NF is a nobody.
Aug 10, 2019
@shenalg01 "Revolutionary" allow me to laugh. There ain't nothing revolutionary about Trap, its the alternate "genre" of hiphop for stupid people and low IQ artists who has no substance/meaning in their lyrics. All they do is mumble and add 1000 layers of fucking auto-tune and that is not talent.

How is NF mainstream? He has literally just broken through and I've been on this journey for +3 years, way before he was as big as he is now.
Aug 10, 2019
@shenalg01 NF is hiphop too, whether you like it or not, and the fact you can't see his talent is just sad... it really is. Its also funny how you think I listen to mainstream, actually very much against it as most of it is just bad. Only artist I ever really enjoy from the mainstream is Cole & Em. Then its just semi-mainstream and more underground, as that is where the real talent is.

But please, cut out that talk about Trap, there is no genre that is so talentless as Trap.
Aug 10, 2019
Regarding his break out hit, yup I kinda agree on that one. That song ain't even top 35-40 of his.
Aug 10, 2019
@Ebodsater Give me some artists that NF has influenced, and then I'll give you artists that Thugga, Future or Travis has influenced. FOH. There's many good white artists, but no hip hop critic or OG artist regards NF as one. You hate trap and that's alright. But if you don't understand a genre you can't say you hate an artist in that genre. I hate Pop/rock, but I don't go around saying The Beetles are trash, coz i don't listen to that shit, and I don't understand it.
Aug 10, 2019
@Ebodsater That's like disliking basketball and then saying Michael Jordan is trash. Tell me, why do you think no one includes NF in their greatest rappers of all time, but artists such as Rakim and MF Doom are regarded as the greats???? Also, NF is mainstream, regardless of what you say.
Aug 10, 2019
@EBodsater He is mainstream because he outsold Chance The Rapper (who has several number 1 album and grammys), and got a number one album. That's as mainstream as you get. Last of all here's the most valid of my points. How can you say trap is for stupid peopl when most of NF's album is full of trap beats. So if trap is trash, then NF is trash, because most of his beats are trap. So this is why your comments are invalid. I know you probably have no response, so I'll just take the W.
Aug 11, 2019
No one will acknowledge NF because of the topics he talk about, that's the reason why because people get uncomfortable when they talk about real shit.

I have all the right to hate on trap cause it steals opportunities from real musicians that makes real music. It doesn't matter if, Future, Travis etc. have influenced people, cause all theyof influence are other talentless trap stars.
Aug 11, 2019
It is literally a garbage genre. People do not listen to trap for the artist, cause 99% of it has no lyrical value at all.

People listen to Trap solely for the beats, its turn up music. So the artist really doesn't matter, all you can do is blast 1000 layers of auto tune and then proceed to mumble shit that can't be understood because you sound like a retarded neanderthal from thousands of years ago.

That is what trap is, a fucking laughing stock of a genre.
Aug 11, 2019
He might be breaking into the mainstream now (finally, deserved af), but his sound is very much not mainstream. He has a few songs that sound mainstream, like Let You Down and Time, but most of his songs sound as far of from mainstream as it gets.

He might have a few trap beats, most of his beats are heavy orchestra type of beats though, which he is alone to do.

Trap beats aren't necessarily a bad thing though, as I said people listen to trap because of beats because its the only solid part.
Aug 11, 2019
The difference is that NF actually spits fire over it, so it becomes a combination of greatness. In trap its the beat only, the "artist" itself does a terrible job and doesn't really have any part of a song being good or not.

and yes you can talk about other genres too, hiphop is the only good one. Rock is shit, metal is garbage and pop (modern day pop) is just a sickness in itself.
Aug 11, 2019
@Ebodsater Most the statements you are saying are so subjective and opinion based. I'm trying to talk reason and logic and you're just dropping words like trash, and fire and retarded with no justification. You could be talking about logic for all i know. On this very website there are many more artists that talk about "real shit", Rakim, Kendrick, Jay Z, Kanye, Joey. But you don't see their albums rated so low. The only explanation why this is rated so low is because it's trash.
Aug 11, 2019
@Ebodsater If trap was so trash, NF should not be making trap beats, it's very hypocritical. The fact that you think NF is the only rapper that talks about "real shit" highlights your lack of depth in hip hop knowledge. I'll name you 50 more rappers who talk about sensitive and uncomfortable topics. Most will have better ratings than this. The fact that you say most new music is trash highlights your lack of depth in new hip hop. Also, who's in your top 10?
Aug 11, 2019
Sorry for the late reply. I was cleaning Ebodsater's "mess. What y'all is saying is facts. Have a blessed life. @RakkSmells @Homer @JustSomeGuy @Follow @TOMSMSMSM on AOTY
Aug 11, 2019
@shenalg01 where did I ever say NF is the only one talking about real shit? The only thing I implied he was alone with, is having heavy orchestra type of beats. I never ever said what you implied 😂

Regarding trap beats, as I said those are fine, but still, most of his beats ain't trap beats.

Difference between him and trappers is that he doesn't use auto tune like a mad man, doesn't mumble so you can't understand shit, and on the mic he actually says real shit.
Aug 11, 2019
Trap beats are fine if you use it for something good. Fucking hell even Eminem have done it.

Regarding top 10, I'm just gonna name my current favs and not of all time cause thats impossible

No specific order:

Joey Bada$$
J. Cole
Dizzy Wright
Joyner Lucas

I also enjoy Yelawolf from time to time.
Aug 11, 2019
and Rowlan is decent too.
Aug 12, 2019
You have 6lack, Joyner, Cole and NF. Clearly you have no clue what hip hop is. Cole himself said thugger is a genius. NF got trash reviews coz he trash. period. Cole also uses autotune, see middle child. Joeys Beast Coast album was mostly trap. I can tell you're into try hard lyricists. How tf kendrick not there and cole is?
Aug 12, 2019
wow this comment thread is a mess
Aug 12, 2019
this comment thread is a #blessed🙏
Aug 12, 2019
ok im ending this argument for good: NF bad lol
Aug 13, 2019
@ACreativeName Facts
Aug 14, 2019
@shenalg01 what exactly is wrong with 6lack? He's a soulful, peaceful sounding artist, you cant help but simply enjoy his vocals.

Joyner Lucas is one of the best storytellers ikis the game. You disrespecting him is pure fucking delusion. He is definitely hiphop.

Cole is dope, disrespecting him shows your lack of hiphop knowledge.

NF has the lyrics, the flows, the storytelling and the emotions. He has it all, how tf is he bad?
Aug 14, 2019
Auto tune is fine to a certain extent, what Cole did in Middle Child is OK, as he doesn't overuse it, nor is his music dependant on it.

Its a big difference compared to these Wallmart Trapstars with shit for talent.

You could take a stuttering grandma struggling to read out her grocery list and blast autotune on that and it would sound the same, if not better, than these garbage ass fools.
Aug 14, 2019
Regarding Escape From New York, I am slow as shit most of the time when it comes to listening to new shit, so only heard a few songs and they were not Trap.

Regarding K. Dot, he's a dope MC, but his style doesn't suit me nor the topics he talk about, so that's why I don't really listen to him that much.

You said "Try Hard Lyricists" and that is an insult to an artist, and you never mentioned Em, Boogie, Dizzy, Lock, Yela, Rowlan & JID so IDK who you be disrespecting of thesw. They all dope af.
Aug 14, 2019
Any disrespect towards these would be totally unjustified, I doubt you even know who Lock is, one of the best lyricists in the underground.

If you do know of him, fair play, and still choose to disrespect him then consider this discussion over, cause that would prove your incompetence and there would be no need going back & forth with someone who knows fuck all.
Aug 15, 2019
@Ebodsater I know who locksmith is. I can't recall what any of his songs are, so i'm not gonna speak of him. I'm not gonna call an artist trash, without listening to a whole album. What I'm saying is there is so much more alternatives to what you've got. Joyner is just cringy, and he tries too hard to be preachy. You really think he's better than ATCQ, MF Doom, Kanye???
Aug 15, 2019
@Ebodsater So called "lyrical" artists should not use trap beats. How hypocritical is it to hate on a genre and then jack their beats. It's sad, coz trap artists don't need anything from these lyrical cats, but lyrical artists always hopping on the beats of trap songs. "Lyrical" is taking from trap, but trap is not taking from lyrics. And trap is doing so much better than lyrical in terms of sales. I'll say they are the main reason hip hop is the most popular genre today.
Aug 15, 2019
@Ebodsater Whether you like it or not, these "lyrical" artists rely on trap, but it's not the other way around. That's why artists like eminem are never hating on trap, coz he's got many hits with trap beats. You can't say trap is trash and then like their beats. If you like the beats, then you like the genre. Because, I'm not stupid enough to judge a trap song by it's lyrics. That's like judging an accapella by it's beat.
Aug 15, 2019
@Ebodsater Also, no hip hop critic or legend has ever said that NF or Joyner Lucas is good, so stop saying I don't know hip hop. Look at Joyner's reviews and NF, everybody says he's trash. Looks like it's just you buddy who thinks their good. Both those artists appeal to female teenage Christian white people, who have no idea about hip hop. If you had any idea about hip hop you would have MF Doom, ATCQ, Big KRIT. Vince or some other artist that has been acknowledged as a GOAT by rap.
Aug 15, 2019
Dude, @EBodsater just fuck off
Aug 15, 2019
@EBodsater we get it, you like NF, but you're so annoyingly toxic
Aug 15, 2019
@shenalg01 the best thing to do is to not reply to him. He's just wasting your time.
Aug 15, 2019
@Follow @JulianGomez974 on AOTY I'm just running a long. Just to show one of my mates. Shits funny as hell to me. Imma keep going. Obviously he's delusional. But it's fun.
Aug 15, 2019
@shenalg01 oh ok lol, my bad. You keep it up then
Aug 15, 2019
This is getting to a whole nother level of hilarous 😂😂😂

You really are clueless. Since when does critics opinions matter regarding hiphop? Since when does sales matter? Those things have never been relevant in terms of how good an MC is.

Liking certain type of trap beats doesn't mean I like the genre, fuck kinda logic is that? I don't enjoy retarded mumbling over 1000 layers of autotune, which is literally what trap is. That is what its fucking known for.

Garbage ass genre.
Aug 15, 2019
Critics from these big ass organizations, sites etc. has to cater to the mainstream just as the radio does.

So their opinion are just as irrelevant as the opinion of those who decide what gets played on the radio.

They only play Mainstream sounding songs, the only songs NF has had on radio that I am aware of are the two most mainstream sounding ones, Time & Let You Down, and none of these songs are even top 30 of his.

They wouldn't dare playing his best songs because they would........
Aug 15, 2019
.....lose money over it, since all these simple minded, mainstream loving people only want to hear music that has a nice beat. If it gets too lyrical and they get forced to think, they automatically dislike it because they cannot handle it.

That's how "artists" like Lil Uzi, Kodak, 21 Savage, Lil Yachty, Lil Pump and many other shitters blew up.

^ these ppl have 0 musical talent.

Aug 16, 2019
Regarding your comment about MF Doom, Big KRIT etc, obviously I do know of them, and I do appreciate them being around because they make real stuff and I do occasionally listen to them, but their style doesn't really suit me.

I cannot listen to a song for lyrics only, it has to be enjoyable also, and I find the ones I mentioned the best at it all.
Aug 16, 2019
Go listen to Malz Monday - FLEDGE EP

Found it the other day and its dope af
Aug 17, 2019
@Ebodsater It's easy to call an artist talentless, sitting at home in front of your computer screen on AOTY. Let's not forget that these guys have sold out concerts and are making millions off these music. Maybe, you don't like them, and maybe their music isn't too good. But atleast their relevant. And you need some kind of talent to be relevance. Why don't you become a rapper if it's so easy?
Aug 17, 2019
@Ebodsater Also, the fact that you call MF Doom boring is an L. Here you're talking about "real hip hop" and calling MF Doom unenjoyable. If we're talking enjoyable, then young thug, and travis scott would be the greatest. You can get much more turnt up in a travis concert than an NF concert.
Aug 17, 2019
@Ebodsater You also condemn "mainstream" listeners by saying " If it gets too lyrical and they get forced to think", then you state "I cannot listen to a song for lyrics only". By stating this you are basically calling yourself a "mainstream" listener. And you are basically highlighting why people listen to trap. Because it's bloody enjoyable mate. Not everybody cares about lyrics. And they shouldn't have to. Hip Hop started without any lyrics. Judging a trap song by it's lyrics, is like...
Aug 17, 2019
@EBodsater judging an instrumental album by the lyrics. I thoroughly enjoy trap and also lyrical hip hop. I understand that 95% of trap artists rap about meaningless bullshit. But that's why it's an alternative genre to lyrical music. I urge you to start exploring bro. I remember in 2013, I had the same mindset as you. Trap is trash. Trap is trash, But once I started exploring some critically acclaimed trap albums I grew to be a massive trap fan. Trust me, in same time you'll be the same.
Aug 17, 2019
@Ebodsater Just remember you should not view trap the same way you view lyrical music and then you'll learn to enjoy it. Off topic, since you're such a 6lack fan, listen to Climax by Thugger featuring 6Lack. See what you think. Anyways thanks for such an amazing and enjoyable discussion. Coming from a female view, I respect the way that you remained respectful towards me even though we didn't agree. Have a blessed life. Look forward to discussing about other albums.
Aug 18, 2019

Didn't call MF Doom boring, just that his style doesn't suit me.

99,9% of the songs I listen to are lyrical, but they also have the other aspects too, that is what I meant. It needs to have it all, not just lyrics, not just a nice beat or vocals, everything needs to be good or I will lose my interest.

By "enjoyable" I did not mean in the terms of turn up music, I don't fuck with that.

My main prob with Trap is not the lyrics, its the excessive use of autotune.
Aug 18, 2019
In regards to exploring, I have honestly tried that many times and Trap honestly just feels like something is eating my brain from the inside, it is that awful to me.

Anyways, ciao and take care.
Aug 18, 2019
Like how this thread ended in a peaceful resolution
Aug 18, 2019
@RakkSmells I'm not a douche, sometimes I just get very stubborn and opinionated.
Sep 6, 2019
wtf was this
Sep 7, 2019
@vanchromo A brain tumour is what it is.
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