Eminem - Music To Be Murdered By
Jan 17, 2020 (updated Jan 20, 2020)
Yeah so. I swear this is just a massive ad. Eminem basically using Ed Sheeran to get the basic white pop bitches. Young ma for the lesbians. Don toliver for all the ragers who fuck with jack boys. Anderson paak was to please the critics and music heads who love rnb. Royce well u know, Eminem’s boyfriend. Juicewrld because we all sad that he died. All in all good marketing and I’d give this campaign ad a strong 9. But as an album a week 1. I miss the old shady.
Edit: Don't forget Q- Tip and Black Thought for the old heads
just gonna say he probably woulda had JuiceWRLD's verse even if he didn't die cause it was recorded before his death..
My boy Juice phoned in his verses from the afterlife what a legend.
eminem king of advertising, controversy, and horrible music
@shenalg01 naw there's a picture of Juice right after he recorded the hook for Eminem. At this point, he's not releasing music for money, he's doing to cement his legacy. I think having these features allowed his songs to be more modernized
juice wrld was actually a big fan of him, I bet they were working together before he died, also if eminem cared about marketing why tf would he make it a surprise drop
What a shit reveiw, a one star ? Loool his so lyrically and is that all u give him. I gave your review a 0. This album is fire
@abeboi Facts bruh
Who cares what the critics say, they are biased anyway . Don't get controlled by then, have your own brain you fool. By the way his last few albums have been given 80 out of 100 by some critics . Mmlp2 has been given 100 by some . Also some of his early stuff was given 60s but they had to re rate it . you the clown for having a clown on your dp pic. So much much makeup , it should be in the circus lol
Also go onto YouTube you dick . People have rated it
Also one more thing , your uses the critics as reference but the critics have given this album , 3 mics and 5 mics so far . Your score does not match that so stop using critically acclaimed projects because clearly you not on the same page anyway You don't make sense and refuse to talk to idiots .
Even Joe Budden has praised the album . My point is you don't Have to like it , it's Kool but my issue is the 10 rating . It's a joke
First of all I would like to say my bad if I was rude to you. That was Bs so I apologize. all about positive energy . I just get pissed when someone gives an unfair and biased review.

Imagine thinking critics matter ? The only important thing is if u like it , fuck what others think

So u only like 2 songs from here ? I think 11 is an unfair score because u basically saying all the songs u didn't like are 0? Doesn't make sense. What would make sense was to rate each song out of 10 and give the album an overall score. Thai album is fire to me and rated hight on metacritic but u don't have to like it though but 13 outta 100 , I can't respect that score
https://youtu.be/MzyC5z7Xc40 I don't think people appreciate his lyrics on this album . Check out the link and tell me what you think
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