Chaos Over Cosmos - A Dream If Ever There Was One
I liked some riffs on this album and the vocals were good, but in general I'm just not a fan of metal like this. Yes, I can clearly hear great guitar skills, but they don't do anything for me, really. They're just there to sound fancy and all, which is acceptable, but not my type of thing really.

Overall, this album is a nice experience that's not as impressive as it's trying to be. Would recommend if you're a fan of really technical metal and In Flames.

shame - Food for Worms
Годы идут, а новые британские «пост-панк» альбомы всё ещё выходят. В этот раз даже жаловаться не хочется.
На фоне того, как неоднократно каждый год появляются новые группы в этой условной категории, Shame умудряются удивлять своими изменениями – если на прошлых ... read more
Альбом неплохой. Лучше, чем предыдущий. Некоторые песни мне не нравятся, конечно, но в общем и целом альбом держит планку нормального материала имхо.
Planet P Project - Pink World
Despite me being a fan of progressive rock, art rock and some rock operas, I wasn't a fan of Pink World, and I can name at least three reasons why:

1. The songwriting is bland. No, seriously. It doesn't do much enough to keep me interested in what it's trying to do. Most of the songs sound like a mix of generic 80s pop, 80s Pink Floyd and 80s David Bowie. If that sounds good for you - great, listen to this album then, - but for me it means that this record gets worse and worse and more boring ... read more

파란노을 [Parannoul] - After the Magic
Буду честен, я изначально ожидал, что альбом мне не сильно понравится. Связанно это с тем, что другой полноформатник Parannoul мне не зашёл от слова совсем.

Но как же я был удивлён, когда включил After the Magic! Инструменталка сияет, звук шумный, вокал звучит хорошо, более тяжёлые ... read more

The Ocean - Preboreal
Not really interesting on its own. The sound is not so good too. Maybe it will sound better in an album or something, but right now this just feels like a semi-empty piece of music that I'd put on once and then immediately forget about it.
Seabreather - Impermanence in Light
I wasn't expecting much from the album, but it still managed to disappoint me, the main reason being the mixing and the sound production. The former is very disbalanced, drums are too loud in the mix for me to enjoy anything from these songs, and the latter being very, very low quality for unknown reasons. The songwriting is very bland with some nice ideas coming through every once in a while, yet there is no possibility to enjoy riffs and cool orchestral moments when the mix is ... read more
Tallah - The Generation of Danger
The album is nuts.
The energy is insane, the mixing is amazing and the overall material is great! Also, yeah, the vocalist is a beast.
Quadeca - I Didn't Mean To Haunt You
Gonna be honest, I'm not really impressed with what this album provides, not even the atmosphere. In terms of composition, the record is pretty weak in my opinion. There are some overall good songs and cool melodies here and there, but most of the time I feel like i'm listening to Limp Bizkit's pop songs.
The instrumentation, on the other hand, is pretty dope. Definitely holds the whole album together so it's not just a bunch of random pieces with somewhat annoying vocals at times.
My ... read more
The Rare Occasions - Attaboy
Not very interesting and I don't like the sound production that much. Definitely not their best.
R.A.P. Ferreira - 5 To The Eye With Stars
Приятный джаз-рэп альбом с отличным инструменталом, который ощущается хорошо, даже как-то олдскульно.
Fleshwater - We're Not Here to Be Loved
This isn't an incredible record by any means, but it's pretty nice. It has good production, great vocals and okay instrumentation.
Moin - Paste
Если честно, то дебютник Moin мне нравится гораздо больше - в нём было много атмосферы, математика иногда проскакивала, треки запоминались благодаря структуре.
На Paste могу лишь отметить то, что группа держит планку продюсирования, так как альбом действительно звучит хорошо и ... read more
Mildred - Pt. 2
When it comes to modern shoegaze (by modern I mean 2010s and 2020s), I'm usually not a big fan of most albums I listen to. A lot of it was inspired by Deftones and that frustrates me a lot because I like the band but dislike anything that tries to become it. With Mildred's Pt. 2, it kind of works out.
Probably because of the sound production, and I won't lie, I love how this album sounds! It's pretty heavy when hits hard, the drums are noisy and the atmosphere blends into the mix and works well ... read more
Polyphia - Remember That You Will Die
私は Polyphia の大ファンではありませんが、彼らの新しいアルバムにはとても満足しています。 彼らはマス ロックをトラップ、フラメンコ、時にはジャズとミックスします。 この爆発的な混合物はすべて、夏、太陽、ビーチの素晴らしい感覚を与えてくれます。 このアルバムはバンドにとって勝利だったと思います。

In other words, it's a pretty damn solid effort.

Nothing - Tired of Tomorrow
If it wasn't for that song in the middle, this album'd get a higher rating from me, but I guess that ain't happening.

Modern shoegaze was something I enjoyed back in 2020 and early 2021, but after burning out on all shoegaze in general all of it became bland and very uninteresting for me. However, bands like Nothing can still bring joy with their material. Yes, most songs on Tired of Tomorrow sound like a more alt-rock version of Deftones with a few exceptions, but that doesn't really do ... read more

Linkin Park - A Thousand Suns
Despite still having something from Meteora and Hybrid Theory, A Thousand Suns bases itself on Minutes to Midnight yet with a lot more pop and rap elements than before, a good example would be 'Wretches and Kings' or the first proper song on the album, 'Burning in the Skies'. And while I'm fond of the pop elements (even though they make the rock cuts on this album like 'Robot Boy' too bland), I'm not too keen on the rap ones - they feel somewhat wrong and out of place. But what I do like even ... read more
Pixies - Doggerel
Not a good album. Dated songwriting and sound, weird mixing/mastering and on top of that this album feels so bland to the point where I'm starting to dislike it a lot. Can't recommend.
KEN mode - NULL
The album is pretty unpleasant, I have enjoyed some small bits of some songs across this 8-song record. What makes it unpleasant? Well, mainly the songwriting - it's uninteresting and mainly uses weird and dissonant chords with tritones and close-placed notes, which I am not a fan of - and the sound production, the record needs more air and less of the wall of sound. Verdict: not fun, I wanna breathe.
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