clipping. - CLPPNG
Jun 1, 2021
"Ghosts on the avenue were talking to theyselves
Somebody been sellin' 'em dreams again"

Can I just start with how brilliant this title is? CLPPNG. No "I" for there are no songs from first-person perspective, and the word "clipping" is clipped. How brilliant.

So, you know about clipping , I've already written a review about these guys. Noise-Hop/Industrial Hip Hop trio with Daveed diggs as an MC, clipping is one of the most consistent Hip Hop projects out there today. This is their Sub-Pop debut, and let me tell you something...this album is really good.

I'll start, as usual, with my complaints.I feel like there are just a few meh tracks here, but they kinda drag the project down in a truly unfair way. Tonight is a track that is great conceptually (Tonight leads to Dream, Dream to Get Up and Get Up to Or Die. Tonight--->Dream--->Get Up--->Or Die.) it comes out as a kinda cringy track, I'd say. Daveed's delivery is not that strong, and I know that it's supposed to sound that way...but it doesn't make it better, not in a significant way. Dominoes kinda ruins the album's momentum as well near its end, and Williams Mix doesn't add a lot for me. That's it.

*sigh* Okay, let's proceed to praise this album. The first 5 tracks are utterly flawless. I love all of those tracks so much. The evil story and vibe of Body and Blood, the PERFECT production on Work Work (god, this synth in the outro is frickin amazing), the flow change in Taking Off, literally everything. I also like the concept of tracks 6-9 (Tonight to Or Die), and the transition from the surreal calmness of Dream to the goddamn alarm in Get Up is so creative. And yeah, they actually made a song called Get Up in which the beat is an alarm clock. Inside Out and Story 2 are kinda iconic by now - the lyricism, the beat, these songs are amazing in so many ways. Ends could be a chilling closer to the album, and I think that it is kind of the closer (the ambient piece in the end, Williams Mix isn't REALLY a song) so...okay, let's say that it's a great closer and that's it.

"Once upon a time
Once upon a time there was a middle of a story
But fuck it, they need some ends"

Yeah. Anyway:

Top Three Tracks: Inside Out, Body and Blood, Taking Off

Least Fav Track: Tonight

To sum it up, this record is full of great storytelling, amazing production and interesting ideas. It does have some low points, but no song here is truly unbearable, and most tracks are really awesome. Give it a try. I'm feeling an 8.7/10 on this one.
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