Kero Kero Bonito - Civilisation I
May 1, 2021
IT'S SO WEIRD TO REVIEW A 3 TRACK EP BUT IM TOTALLY GONNA DO IT. Cause, you know, it's good and stuff XD And it's worth talking about.

So, Kero Kero Bonito are a British pop band (a trio), and they kinda have their own unique vibe. I'm yet to give a listen to any other project by them, so I'm no expert or anything, but they do this glitchy-fun-experimental synthpop, and their frontman (AKA Sarah Bonito) has this kinda j-pop-anime-girl vibes, but...Hey, wait, don't go! It's actually quite good.

I don't have any big problem with this EP (come on, it's just three good tracks. Not a lot of place to make mistakes). If someone doesn't like it, it may be because of the repitition in certain parts or the messy, glitchy parts, but I honestly find the repitition here quite tasteful (especially in The River. the final track, to which the repitition adds a lot imo. [because of the theme.] ). The messy parts are not just a mess for the sake of being experimental or anything like that, but more of an organized chaos that adds a bit of melancholic spice to the songs.

Anyway, this EP has this apocaliptic concept, and it's basically about the end of humanity. That's about it, not a complicated, detailed concept, but it's really well written. Because of this fun energy that the songs have, a weird atmosphere is created , but I think that it goes pretty well with the concept. And as I said earlier, the glitchy parts make it more complete, alludes that something is wrong here. I also love the production here, I think that it's super detailed, colorful and unique.

Well. I can't really pick 3 favorite tracks as usual cause, well, there are only three tracks on this EP, so I think I'll just rank them.

3.When the Fire Comes
2.The River
1.Battle Lines

So, I'd say that I enjoy every track here, and this EP is definitely worth checking out. It's short, but yet feels like a complete project and was fun all the way through. Feeling an 8/10 on this one. That was interesting, so expect more Kero Kero Bonito reviews someday in the future :)
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Kero Kero Bonito - Civilisation II
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