clipping. - Visions of Bodies Being Burned
May 9, 2021
Let's start it off by saying that this is probably my fav album of 2020. It's not perfect, but it's great in so many ways. It took me some time to actually fall in love with this album, but eventually I did, and I'm definitely glad I did, cause this is one unique, immersive, captivating and well written horrorcore record.

So, Clipping (clipping.) is an experimental noise-hop trio. Their MC, Daveed Diggs, is probably famous especially from playing the lead role in Hamilton (I haven't seen it yet tho, so don't spoil anything.). Vision of Bodies Being Burned is their second horrorcore album, the "sister record" if you will to There Existed an Addiction to Blood (which I haven't heard yet fully either). They're awesome live, they have great chemistry and their production they always come up with something interesting.

Let's get into the things that I don't like that much about this record, to get those out of the way (as usual). I think that Looking Like Meat through Eaten Alive (two songs and an interlude) is the weakest part of the whole record. It's kind of a bummer, cause the record up until that point is all-killer-no-filler, but I guess that even a record as great as this one has its flaws. I also find Secret Piece kinda skippable, the album could've ended with Enlacing and I'd prefer it that way. But even my least fav parts here are listenable, and Looking Like Meat is dragged down mainly because of some production choice with the beat and a poor guest performance.

And now, to the P R A I S E S. This album. This album is so unique. The horror stories told in almost every song are interesting, truly carry that vibe in a great well, written and delivers in an awesome way (Daveed is such a skilled MC). Almost every track or interlude here is phenomenally produced, with sounds and noises the fully immerses you in whichever horror story is told. Furthermore, the album never gets repetitive with its horror, storytelling or production. Each song is very memorably imo, and each story has a slightly different kind of horror. Enlacing is full of Lovecraftian cosmic horror, Something Underneath with fear of the end of the world, Pain Everyday is about the undead. I also find the way that Clipping conveys certain messages even through an album like this extremely creative. Oh, and almost every song here is a total BANGER.

Top Three Songs: Pain Everyday, Check the Lock, Say the Name (yeah, popular choices, but truly great tracks. I love almost every track here, honestly)

Least Fav Song: Eaten Alive (kinda too long for its content and energy, the story is also kinda weak.)

To sum it up. If you like horror stuff, experimental music, or even just hip hop in general - you should definitely give this album a listen. Feeling an 8.9/10 on this one.
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