slowthai - TYRON
May 3, 2021 (updated May 3, 2021)
Okay, I know that lately I've been some British albums (that one's the third in my streak, I think), but I really don't do that on purpose XD Anyway, this Slowthai album is quite good.

Slowthai is a British rapper, who broke onto the rap scene in 2019 with his debut, Nothing Great About Britain (I haven't heard it yet, tho I absolutely love Doorman). Got decent reviews, had a great performance in Gorillaz' Momentary Bliss, and TYRON is his sophomore album.

Now, let's start with the things that didn't really click with me. In some songs (VEX to DEAD) the writing is kinda mid, and the performance isn't that memorable. Those tracks are truly the low point of this project, even tho they're totally listenable. Just kinda mid. I also find the second part much better than the first on this record, take that as you wish.

The things that I did like here, well...I really like the guest performances here, I think that every guest is great and adds a lot of character to the track in which they're in. (especially Skepta in CANCELLED, James Blake in Feel Away and Dominic Fike in terms.) The production is super solid as well, and I love the samples in some songs here (ESPECIALLY i tried.). Slowthai's performance is pretty unique and energetic, and that's awesome too. I want to point out that the records side A is more energetic and upbeat (and every song is titled with all caps, "SONG TITLE".) while side B of this record is more mature and thoughtful (and honestly better, no competition here. Also, the titles there are with no caps at all).

Top Three Tracks: feel away, i tried, adhd (Also, CANCELLED is probably me fav off the first half. Had to pick one from the first half for diversity [and also becuase this track is super fun and catchy and memorable and Skepta's totally killing it])

Least Fav Track: VEX

Overall, this album is pretty good. It's mostly consistent, well written and performed in a unique way. The production is solid, and tho I prefer the second half over the first one I think that TYRON is definitely worth checking out. Feeling a 7.9/10 on this one.
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