Gallant - Neptune
Apr 23, 2021
Hey, that one was a really solid project!

*tbh, that's the first time I listen to anything by Gallant , so I can't really talk about his musical evolution or stuff like that. I'll just dive right into this EP.

Neptune is the coldest, loneliest planet in our solar system, and that was the concept that was in Gallant's mind when the lyrics were written. This EP is full of planet/space related metaphors, and I find it really clever since this EP is kind of a breakup record. Talking about the writing here, it's probably the highlight of this project, its heart and core. Sure, the production here is good, the vocals are on point and the sequencing is cool. But the lyrics are the actual highlight. They're detailed, full of great metaphors and ideas and I'm totally here for it. The beats and production are also quite viby, just like a good RnB project should be.

I did have one problem with this EP, which is the way that it ends. The last two songs are not that bad, but I just feel like the EP kinda lost it's momentum after Scars, which was an awesome track. It ends on a weaker note than it could've ended with.

Top Three Tracks: Chemical Romance, Scars, Third Eye Blind (also, the intro to TEB somewhy reminds me a LOT the intro to Gone by Charli XCX)

Least Fav Track: Relapse (which is quite ironic since that was the first song that was written for this EP)

In conclusion, that was a solid, viby and fun EP. Its production is great, the vocals are on point, and the lyrics are thoughtful and interesting. Feeling a 7.7/10 on this one.
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