Björk - Homogenic
Jun 10, 2021
Yeah, I know I'm late XD Don't look it me that way! I intended to review this project weeks ago, but I wanted to give it more time and I actually kinda forgot about it. But yet, lately I've came back to this album once more, and I had the click, ladies and gentelmen. This album is the most consistent, and the best, Bjork album I've reviewed so far.

Anyway, I don't think that I need to introduce Bjork once again, so I'll only do it briefly. She's an Icelandic singer-songwriter, and this is her third studio album. She has showed great improvement from Debut to Post, and this is one step further. I'm kinda fascinated by her artistic evolution, tbh.

So, as I've already said, this album is very consistent. Its first half is utterly perfect, but yet, throughout the whole record you can find beautiful, experimental art-pop, with lush orhcestral parts and dreamy electronic instrumentation. Her vocals and delivery are better as well, and the lyrics are even more well-written, personal and emotional. I love Bachelorette so much, and the idea of making a sequel to Isobel is great in so many ways, and Joga is such a strong emotional track. I'm really into the way that Bjork portrays her love life, and the way that certain things that she went through made her feel. The production is so great too, in most parts, and I love almost every musical choice that was taken here.

I don't have a lot of problems with the second half, really, but the first half is definitely stronger. I still love Alarm Call and its kinda empowering vibe, or the melancholic beauty of Immature, but 5 Years takes some time to click and is pretty much a slow burner, and the effect on the vocals in Pluto doesn't really work in my opinion. Yet, this album is amazingly consistent, and it deifnitely shows Bjork at her best so far.

Top Three Tracks: Bachelorette, Joga, Alarm Call (Alarm Call is such a colorful, fun song! And yet so pretty.)

Least Fav Track: Pluto (Still like it tho, generally speaking. It's a pretty good song, just at certain parts the effect on the vocals doesn't really work)

In conclusion, this album is definitely Bjorks greatest 90's project. It's experimental, well produced, lush, melancholic at points and empowering at others, but beautiful (how many times have I repeated this word throughout this review? XD probably too much) all the way through. Give it a listen! I'm feeling an 8.8/10.
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