Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Let Love In
Jun 25, 2021
My first Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds album, and holy shit. That was...interesting, to say the least.

Nick Cave is an Austrailian singer-songwriter, and he has a very unique vibe and a very consistent reputation. From what I heard before I've got to listen to Let Love In, I found out that he and the Bad Seeds has had a lot of sound changes throughout the years, and that Let Love In is generally considered to be one of his best projects, and a good entry point to his discography, I am.

And let me tell you - Nick Cave is fucking vibe. He's morbid and moody, and so his music. With his deep voice and dark, cinematic lyricism he creates a little horror story, in a way, with each and every song here. I absolutely love the little details on every instrumental here, like the organ in Do You Love Me? or the chimes in Red Right Hand. I think that the lyrical motives, ESPECIALLY in the opener and the closer of this album, are quite genius, and they tie the album together in a great way, even tho it's not a concept album. Nick's delievery is great, as well.

My problems with this record are mainly the "bar songs", I'd say. The bar songs (aka Jangling Jack and Thirsty Dog) are kind of a mood breakers, and they don't help much to the atmosphere that this album has created. Especially Thirsty Dog, since this song has also some production problems and its lyrics feel just ok, in contrast to Jangling Jack (that sounds better, has better lyrics and adds more to the album's motives). Yet. these are only 2 songs out of 10, and every other song here is at least a good song, in my opinion.

Top Three Tracks: Do You Love Me?, Nobody's Baby Now, Lay Me Low

Least Fav Track: Thirsty Dog

Overall, that was an interesting project, with some great lyricism and captivating stories. I like the persona that Cave creates here, and I'm looking forward to check other projects of his. Feeling an 8.6 on this one.
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